Noem "award:" corporate unions crushing trade, teachers' unions

Tea-stained Rep. Kristi Noem (earth hater-SD) is reportedly being questioned by federal election officials as the ethics investigation of her compatriot, Michele Bachmann, widens.

The Montana election cycle was altered by dark money groups including Colorado union-buster and furniture peddler, Jake Jabs. South Dakota's own Christofascist, Robert Fischer of Rapid City's Fischer Furniture, likely colluded with those exposed by ProPublica and reported by PBS.

Entitled, solipsistic Representative Kristi Noem (earth hater-SD) is At-large. A favor from her was recently repaid by a trade union-busting "corporate union."

Digging up dirt on Kristi interested party discovered that the group that just conferred her with an “award” is a fascist business union engaged in lobbying efforts to destroy trade, public, and teachers' unions.

Cory Heidelberger at Madville Times caught it:
That’s code for “keep unions off reservations,” the true intent of Noem’s HR 2335, the Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act. Note that Noem has never been able to explain why allowing unions to protect worker rights on reservations is bad. Her bill has sat motionless in the Health, Employment, Labor, and Pensions subcommittee since September.
So once again, Noem hasn’t really accomplished anything to deserve praise. She hasn’t made a real difference for tribal sovereignty. As on so many other issues, Noem is all talk and no action.
Organizer Larry Matheney believes the voice of 'business unions' is growing louder:
Associations, or business unions as I prefer to call them, have definitely gained airwave superiority in promoting their members' interests. As this nation's wealth moved from the pockets of middle-class workers to the pockets of CEOs, hedge fund managers and business union members, they consistently repeated over the airwaves, when the rich get richer the American worker will prosper and our economy will grow.
Unfortunately many middle-class workers believed it, while thousands of jobs were destroyed or off shored. The voice of business unions is growing louder. You can hardly turn on the TV or radio without hearing their message: Over regulating our free market economy is slowing growth. You can't tax energy or ask corporations and wealthy individuals to pay their fair share of taxes. Being concerned about the environment is just wrong at this time. Labor unions want an economy that invests in working families, while business unions want to multiply profits for CEOs. Labor's voice may not be as loud, but being right gives us might!
Having employees is a privilege, not a right: organized workers are more enabled to find alternative benefits, affordable insurance coverage, and pocket more of their earnings through union membership.

Part-time ag, dairy, casino, and service personnel get the shaft every day because Republicans are cheap-ass bastards.

From Adriana Maestas at Politic365:
Back in March, Congresswoman Noem voted for the House Republican ”Ryan Budget” which not only slashed Pell Grants, but also doubled the Stafford Loan interest rate from 3.4 to 6.8 percent.
South Dakota is a state where just 24% of the residents have a four year degree or higher. The post-high school achievement rate in the Mount Rushmore State is nearly 3% below the national average of 27.5%; additionally, only six of 66 counties rank above the national benchmark in baccalaureate degree achievement.
Kristi Noem represents a culture of conspicuous consumption, waste, and entitlement at the expense of aquifers, watersheds: for some of the above.

If there are no atheists in foxholes, there are no Republicans during ice storms, floods or droughts.

Madville Times brings the story of a South Dakota-based corporate union busted by the feds.

Fire Kristi Noem.


Bill Dithmer said...

I just wish that this damn election was over already so our state legislators could get back to work on the important things. You know what I'm talking about now so stop pretending that you don't.

Resolutions saying that gas fracking is our friend, and the world is only nine thousand years old.

Rules governing sexual function, or in the case of our state "South fucking Dakota"dysfunction.

And discussion about the legality of my soon to be sold in stores and on the net "home vasectomy kit."Marketed to fathers that don't want their daughters knocked up by their stupid overly friendly boyfriends, and mothers that don't want grandkids that act like their sons. Does anyone here know what phase of the moon is safe for a home vasectomy? They don't list things like that in The Old farmers Almanac and I would hate to promote something that was unsafe at certain times of the month.

Whoever has control of the damn time machine crank that sucker up get us the hell four days in the future.

I have started looking at politics from this point of view, again. "Long hair, short hair, what the hells the difference once the heads blowed off."

I'm feeling the pressure here on Pass Creek, but then again it might be water pill failure.

The Blindman

larry kurtz said...

Thanks for the great laugh this morning, Bill! See Bud Hollenbeck croaked?