Thune-backed product news blocked

Pink slime is in the news again.

Its fabricator, Beef Products, Inc., is a major campaign contributor to both GOP members of South Dakota's congressional delegation. Sen. don Juan Thune sang their praises in a story written by Denise Ross and published in the Mitchell Daily Republic. Here's a quote from the state's junior Senator:
“This is about a product that USDA has stated is safe for consumption. All of us have been consumers of the product produced by BPI. As more facts come out and are shown to be the truth, I hope there’s a way of getting the genie back in the bottle.”
Today a judge blocked Iowa State University from releasing documents about the manufacture of the product Thune sells for his client:
District Judge Dale Ruigh ruled last month that releasing the information would cause "irreparable harm" to Sioux Falls, SD-based Beef Products, Inc., by revealing information about proprietary food-processing techniques.--The Associated Press, published in the Rapid City Journal.
Pink slime: greasing SDGOP one tube at a time.

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Anonymous said...

This is a recurrent meme with the pink slime meme, it comes up in the Montana Ag news quite a bit.

Who cares if it is safe, we choose not to eat it because it is gross.