4/20 expected to be a hit

Read the story of a GOP bill to end the war on cannabis rights here.

Colorado is buzzing with anticipation and security expecting to be on high alert for activities on April 20th: the date reserved for a celebration of cannabis rights.

The AP's Kristen Wyatt has been covering the action for the Coloradoan:
More than 50,000 are expected to light up outdoors in Denver’s Civic Center Park on April 20 to celebrate marijuana legalization. But authorities largely look the other way at public pot-smoking, especially at festivals and concerts, and entrepreneurs are finding creative ways to capitalize on new marijuana laws. One of them is Matt Brown, co-owner of Denver’s new “My 420 Tours,” which gives traveling pot users everything but the drug. Eighty percent of his clients are coming from outside Colorado — meaning it’s illegal for them to bring marijuana from home. “It’s pretty monumental,” said DOPE editor in chief James Zachodni. “This is the first time in the U.S. there’s been a cannabis holiday with a legal aspect to it.”
US Attorney General Eric Holder has been signalling that the Department of Justice is watching Colorado lawmakers working diligently to bring legislation to the floor of their Capitol.

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