SDGOP politburo urging uranium usury, fracking for yellowcake

Stock in Powertech Uranium had been trading about 152,000 shares a day: it has been sliding, now at .080 .075.

Another Republican-owned South Dakota ministry has thrown caution to the wind: this time it's the Board of Minerals and Environment.

Bob Mercer is on a tear, his stories appear in the Aberdeen American News, among other papers. He writes in the Rapid City Journal:
If approved, it would be one of the permits the Canadian-based company needs to mine for uranium in southwestern South Dakota where it is being opposed by groups and individuals who fear it will deplete and pollute water resources with its system of injection-extraction wells that dissolve and capture uranium from underground formations.
Mercer tells us that the board has signed off on saltwater injection wells, too.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has revised the schedule for the final Environmental Impact Statement for the Dewey-Burdock uranium factory:
While NRC Staff previously estimated it would issue the Final SEIS in May 2013, NRC Staff's current best estimate for issuance of the final SEIS is October 2013. This estimate takes into account the NRC's current resources, the demands on those resources from other licensing projects and non-licensing work, and the amount of time needed to fully respond to all comments on the Draft SEIS. NRC Staff is also revising its estimate because it continues to work with other agencies, including the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to ensure that all relevant views contribute to the Final SEIS. Although October 2013 is the NRC's current best estimate for issuance of the Final SEIS, NRC Staff has stated that it will make all reasonable efforts to expedite the issuance date. --press release, Electric Light and Power.
Powertech Uranium Corp. is driving the Centennial Project in Colorado, the Dewey Terrace and Aladdin Projects in Wyoming,too.

More on fracking for yellowcake here.

Benzene has been found in one of the tributaries of the most endangered river in the US, the Colorado: a chemical leak that drillers promised would never happen.

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