South Dakota driving women out of state for medical care

If only there was a wall of separation between church and state in South Dakota.
Any woman seeking an abortion in South Dakota would have to be given the name and telephone number of an organization that fights sex trafficking under a measure introduced in the South Dakota Legislature. [Watertown Public Opinion]
"Pro-life" is simply code for white people breeding.

Rich women don't have to put up with this crap: they have full reproductive freedom while women at middle and lower income levels experience chilling effects on their rights. Women in South Dakota who can afford it simply jump on a plane and fly to Santa Fe, Minneapolis or Denver for their procedures. Imagine a woman in Standing Rock or Pine Ridge doing that.

Taxpayers are already funding some medical procedures that white Republicans object to.

No foetus in the US has any civil rights until the third trimester; but, it would be interesting to some to know how much South Dakota Right to Life has diverted to the lobbyists who drafted law to end victims’ rights in suing for clergy sex abuse cases.

But, applaud the nutball Republican efforts diverting attention from the party’s culture of corruption where murders and their covers up are commonplace by clogging the legislative session with christianic religionist argle-bargle.

It is time to test South Dakota's jurisdiction over nations where cannabis is legal and for tribal medical professionals to establish clinics that perform abortions on these non-contiguous parcels as islands of health care that supersede state law.


Ravnsborg joins Powers, Linda Daugaard in contest to grow Trump chins

From top to bottom: Jason Ravnsborg, Esq., Korndog King Pat Powers, Quorndog Queen Linda Daugaard, Emperor Corndog.

What do these fat, white people have in common besides being far greater burdens on American health care than those who exercise regularly? They all say cannabis is dangerous to young adults while also saying efforts to reduce childhood obesity, like a sugar or soda tax, is over-regulation, government overreach or nanny-statism.

The race is on.


In South Dakota Linda Daugaard gets enough to eat

South Dakota's First Lady Linda Daugaard is not wasting away, no siree.
While South Dakota obesity rates have been steadily increasing since 2011, the state Department of Health is optimistic newly implemented programs will help curb the trend. And obesity has shown to increase the likelihood of certain chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, cancers (endometrial, breast and colon) and other health problems. The state obesity rate was 28.1 percent in 2011 and took a slight jump to 29.9 percent in 2013. [Mitchell Daily Republic]
In so many ways Mrs. Daugaard is emblematic of the pork South Dakota receives from the federal government. Her husband, Governor Denny Daugaard is reliant on DC to balance his budget and in so doing doles cash to his Future Fund donors while the prison/industrial complex and school to prison pipeline bring federal cash to the state.
And with two years left in office, Daugaard is hoping one particular federal program is expanded to improve his state's ag economy that's floundering through a tough stretch of low commodity prices. "Yes, there will be some producers who took on too much risk during the high price years of recent past, but most farmers have gone through lots of rollercoaster economies, so they have experience with low profitability years," Daugaard said. [Daugaard hoping for expanded CRP acres]
A Feeding America survey shows 105,880 people in South Dakota are food insecure. Homelessness in the state is rampant; drunk driving, meth use and teen binge drinking are off the charts. The state's governor is the sole judge on South Dakota's death panel.
Martin Luther King Day is a day to give back and the School of Mines is hosting a food drive benefiting Feeding South Dakota. The drop off locations include: Prairie Market, Fresh Start Neighborhood Market, both Rapid City Safeway locations, Save-A-Lot, both Walmart locations. [KNBN teevee]
Oxfam International is reporting that the eight richest people have more accumulated wealth than the poorest four billion people on Earth.

Under Denny Daugaard South Dakota has never been so food insecure but keeping Linda Daugaard looking like Carlos Slim is just the way the state likes it.


NM Democrats embrace legal cannabis; SD Dem hoping to kill it

Legal cannabis is headed to the Roundhouse.

Democrats control the New Mexico legislature and newly-elected Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth (D-Santa Fe 25) said on Santa Fe Public Radio that legal cannabis is likely to pass this session. Therapeutic cannabis is also expected to expand. Santa Fe's law enforcement industry is already being desensitized against people mellowing.

Meanwhile, New Approach South Dakota is expected to get a 4900-word cannabis initiative on the 2018 ballot. According to veteran South Dakota cannabis activist, Bob Newland, cannabis opponent and sanctimonious prig Democrat Cory Heidelberger is a "limp-wristed semi-defender of liberty." Heidelberger is a dry drunk struggling to raise an only child suffering with delusions of Princesshood.

Fact is: in South Dakota Republicans go to Pierre for the lobbyist-provided hookers while Democrats go to Pierre because they are the hookers.

Ethics-free climate denier South Dakota Governor Denny Daugaard is preparing another year of executive fiat and is begging a black US President for just one more disaster handout as goose-stepping Republicans follow Donald Trump toward Inauguration Day. The extremist legislature largely handpicked by Daugaard is expected to repeal an attempt by voters to stem corruption in the red state.

At this hour anti-civil rights crusader Jeff Sessions is mansplainin' his way through the first minutes of his confirmation as the Attorney General of the United States. He hates cannabis at least as much as he hates people of color.

Prediction: NM Dems will support the death penalty for the killers of Victoria Martens if Gov. Martinez signs a casual cannabis bill.


South Dakota has become a whitetopia, Trump doomsday destination

As the Earth warms United Van Lines is touting South Dakota as a white earth haters' destination replacing Oregon at number one.
Vermont was second, Idaho fourth and South Carolina fifth. Many Southern and Western states had more people moving in than moving out, while several Northeastern states saw high rates of outbound moves. [KGW teevee]
The moving company is part of Unigroup: a Republican campaign donor.

White Republicans are leaving blue states that subsidize red states for racist, regressive states like South Dakota after the state's climate denier governor has made it a permanent disaster area.

The Rapid City Journal is reporting that a San Diego investor is leasing Trump doomsday shelters at the former Army depot a few miles from Edgemont even as a nearby uranium mine is being called a "toxic waste dump site."

Minorities are few and apartheid hides American Indians in concentration camps: out of sight; out of mind.

This NPR story verbalizes the decision of one progressive to flee a town once touted as western South Dakota's destination of choice after fourteen years raising two children who escaped hours after their own high school graduations in 1991 and in 1995 for the University of Wyoming. It was good, too. Our meticulously preserved 1902 Furois-built arts and crafts on Canyon Street was adjacent to Spearfish's magical city park.

Not really South, not really Dakota: the state represents everything that is wrong with America. But, South Dakota Democrats, be stalwart: it's nothing that the Yellowstone supervolcano won't fix.


SDSU enlisted to train Elkton's dairy wage slaves

Oak Lake in extreme eastern South Dakota is a Brookings water supply.
A phallus competes for the skyline with ubiquitous wind turbines on Buffalo Ridge

As Hendricks, Minnesota sues to prevent the effects of cattle shit from another South Dakota dairy and cross-state pollution rules evaporate my home town is struggling to digest the numbers of Spanish speaking wage slaves.
ELKTON – When faced with an influx of students whose first language was not English, the Elkton School District turned to South Dakota State University for help. “Teachers had told me over the years that ‘I don’t know how to help my ELL (English-language learners) students, I don’t know how to reach my ELL students or I’m struggling how to do this,’” said Kelly Neill, Elkton’s principal. [Brookings Register]
The crony capitalism that keeps South Dakota the 8th worst state for the working class is destroying lands promised to native peoples by treaty and Elkton is struggling to find enough housing for migrant workers often living in squalor.

The state is second in addiction to gambling and teachers' salaries are 51st in the nation. Wage slavery is the state's biggest claim to fame and South Dakota dairies are wreaking habitat havoc. Infrastructure is crumbling and the state's bureaucracy is overbearing and unwieldy. Ag groups want federally subsidized crop insurance and the right to pollute. Corruption and graft are commonplace.

Pollution from industrial agriculture has made waterways poisonous, the state has no modern statute addressing financial assurances for pipeline leaks. Trophy fishing for threatened species is a tourist activity. East River, South Dakota is a dead zone and could be a new repository for nuclear waste.

"Water ignores any political boundaries." The source of the Mississippi River is likely in South Dakota.

Meanwhile, climate change denier Republican Governor Denny Daugaard is presiding over an exodus of educators fleeing the failed red state as his cronies plot to prevent medical insurance for South Dakota's least fortunate even as his office touts a budget surplus. He has virtually hand-picked a compliant extremist legislature.

rare stand of aspen on Minnesota/South Dakota border north of Elkton near divide between the Missouri and Mississippi River drainages


Apeshit: Daugaard, SDGFP are arrogant assholes

I began playing in Jerry Apa's illegal poker games in the basement of the Bodega in Deadwood somewhere around 1985. It was a seminal time in bringing gaming to the Gulch.

The late Mike O'Connell was a founding father and every time Apa would go on tilt in a poker game Mike would shout, "he's gone apeshit!" The name stuck. A former Lead mayor, a lifelong earth hater and member of the Church of the Holy Roman Kiddie Diddlers, Apa recently penned a scathing indictment of South Dakota Republican Party leadership and its ownership of SD Game Fish and Plunder.
I find it incredibly arrogant of the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Department (GF&P) to ask for letters of support from the Lawrence County Commission and the cities of Lead, Deadwood and Spearfish when there has not been one public hearing on their concept for a state park in Spearfish Canyon. In fact, GF&P had not met with the Spearfish Canyon Owners Association (SPOA), the stakeholders most affected with this plan, until Dec. 15. Two members of the SPOA traveled to Pierre to attend the GF&P Commission meeting and present information to the commission that had been sent to the GF&P on Feb.9, 2016; information that GF&P had never presented to the GF&P Commission. The effort by GF&P to suppress this information speaks volumes about GF&P’s ethics and transparency. I served eight years on the South Dakota Senate Appropriations Committee, the last six years as Senate Chair. How does this project benefit taxpayers? They can enjoy the area for free now. Why create more government and more fees? [Apeshit, Rapid City Journal]
As Governor Denny Daugaard sues to prevent Pe'Sla from becoming federal trust land the Sicangu Oyate has filed an opposition to transfer of land in Spearditch Canyon to the racist State of South Dakota.

Herded by Senator don Juan Thune (earth hater-SD) the failed red state's extremist delegation is trying to force the land grab through Congress. The Forest Service has told the state to go fuck themselves.

The City of Lead has an opportunity to fix itself but saddled with another earth hater mayor the town struggles to survive.

South Dakota-owned lands are already ravaged. Gaia may not even be enough to fix those.

This post went up a full hour before twerp Cory Heidelberger put one up on the same topic: proof he relies on interested party to lead the way.

Last year this interested party told Daugaard that the blog would support his land grab if he backed the kurtz cannabis template. So far that has yet to happen.