Noem dances with donkeys

Republican former legislator, Ted Klaudt was mentioned in the same Argus Leader reporter's blog post with the lawsuit against South Dakota Department of Social Services. Klaudt was a white foster parent convicted of raping Native girls during the Rounds/Daugaard administration.

Did this event expose now-Gov. Denny Daugaard as a squish?
Because if "freedom" as conservatives define it determines the quality of one's existence, then they all ought to be packing their bags to move to the most free of all the states. Which, according to the Mercatus Center, is North Dakota. You can see the problem here. After North Dakota on their list comes South Dakota, Tennessee, New Hampshire, and Oklahoma.--Paul Waldman, The Prospect.
The cynic in me says it's just for show.

Well, one way to look like you're actually more popular than a cockroach is attach stuff to your bill that you know will kill it: like offering false choices to the Forest Service believing it would help pass a farm bill.

Rep. Krusti Noem (earth hater-SD) was in Aberdeen pretending to be a conservative while sounding post-partisan. From a piece by Jeff Natalie-Lees, published in the American News:
Encouraging signs include a presidential visit to the House of Representatives earlier this month and the Senate passing a budget for the first time in four years, she said. Noem said she is worried about the Environmental Protection Agency instituting some type of carbon cap-and-trade program that would adversely affect coal-fired power plants. South Dakota gets about 50 percent of its energy from coal-fired plants, she said.
Hmmm, elevated risk of cancer from coal-fired plants is a lesser evil than higher rates?
HB1215 relating to concealed carry in schools, fails. The vote was 18-27. #NDLeg RT @NSmithReports


David Newquist said...

Paul Ryan was semi-right. We've become a nation of takers and fakers. And we elected a prime example of both to Congress.

larry kurtz said...

Here is hoping that we can keep the heat on her with equal or greater withering fire than Dems can expect to withstand from her supporters, David. Thanks for the satori.