Keystone Kopp: conservative caveman

What is womb envy? Why faster, baby, faster?

One gets the sense that Don Kopp believes readers are as stupid as he is:
The railroad-equivalent of this single pipeline would be a train of 75 2,000-barrel tank rail cars every day. One also needs consider the tremendous amount of damage incurred in northern states to our highways by truck traffic, particularly during the spring breakup. It is unfathomable to me why this project is being held up.--from Never Never Land in the Rapid City Journal
Of course, none of this environment-crushing crap should even be extracted let alone altered so it will flow, refined using precious water resources, sold to the highest bidder then loaded onto supertankers at terminals in the Gulf of Mexico.

South Dakota, another red state attempting to nullify federal health care law and where Republican legislator Kopp confuses federal scientists' findings on climate change with ass-trologic forces, the hubris in eliminating state-sponsored public comment on in situ uranium extraction while the GOP is actively smothering the EPA, is nothing short of stupefying. Powertech has been suing state legislatures as a matter of course while flouting the reports of fracking disasters in the natural gas industry.


Bill Dithmer said...

This is like a bad porn movie with Kopp as the lead character and XL as the whore.

"Oh Donny do me like a freight train, you know how I like the hard, fast stuff. Pay no attention to the open sores, their nothing to worry about."

"But the smell baby, what's with the smell?"

"Donny that's the smell of money."

"In that case baby, lets hit the bedroom, Daddies gonna lay some pipe." THE END

If only it were that easy to end the insanity. You can't just push a button and turn the TV off. We need leaders and we get a talking head greased by his own moralistic slime.

The Blindman

Bill Dithmer said...

I apologize for the last post, it was over the top. Now I know the movie is really gay porn with Chuck Conner's character being played by a famous porn actor who we will call Keystone, and the male escort is played by a man called Don.

The scene opens in the master bedroom of Keystones palatial estate. "Oh Donnie get over here and Teabag me."

"But Key your pipe is covered with all kinds of leaking sores and it smells funny."

"That's why you get the big bucks Donnie. By the way your donation is on the dresser. Now lets hit the shower."

"Key that tub doesn't look big enough for the two of us."

"Well we aren't going to set down. Now grab that jar of Vaseline and bend over. The orange blossom special has a full head of steam and its a coming down the track." THE END

I'm not meant for this kind of writing. The thrill is gone,"420" only reads "000" on every clock in the house.

.08+1 The Blindman

larry kurtz said...

There was a segment about the author whose work inspired the movie Deliverance on WBUR's Here and Now: the ignorance of Kopp-like characters know no bounds.

Thanks for the visits, Bill.