Friday, September 18, 2020

Migratory bird deaths another warning of human-caused climate disruptions


Global warming has been accelerating since humans began setting fires to clear habitat, as a weapon or just for amusement. Evidence that we humans have eaten or burned ourselves out of habitats creating catastrophes behind us is strewn throughout the North American continent. European settlement and the Industrial Revolution in the New World took hardwoods for charcoal then humans allowed fast-growing conifers to replace lost forests. Desertification driven by agricultural practices, overgrazing, concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) and urban sprawl have turned much of the United States into scorched earth

Have we reached Peak Human? Should Liberals and Progressives just say, "to Hell with biodiversity" and join the earth haters in a final orgy of death, consumption and/or prayer? Coexist or kill them all and let Gaia sort 'em out? 

Last August warblers, swallows and flycatchers began dying in large numbers throughout the southern Rockies. Scientists studying them are noting their emaciated conditions and reduced body fat.
Austin Fisher, an independent journalist, videotaped a scene near Velarde by the Rio Grande. Dead birds littered the earth, a scene repeated across New Mexico. The huge die-off is part of a broader problem. Bird species are having a difficult time in our modern era. Their habitat is being destroyed — with breeding grounds such as grasslands and the Arctic tundra particularly hard hit. Cats are eating them to the tune of 2.6 billion birds yearly in the United States and Canada. According to the Audubon Society, the U.S. has lost one out of four birds in the last 50 years. That means 3 billion fewer birds today than in 1970. The die-off of 2020 is a singular event, but given the heating planet and continued climate disruption, it will likely be repeated. [Dying birds offer timely warning to humans]

Friday, September 11, 2020

9/11: American plutocrats celebrate the destruction of democracy

The Supreme Court of the United States caused 9/11. 

Al Gore would have retained Bill Clinton’s security apparatus as the intelligence community was connecting the dots Mossad and IDF were leaving ahead of the event. Angel would not have been in the air that day if the plot had been uncovered. Yes, I believe that 1, 2, and 7 were "pulled." That the buildings were dropped into their footprints with explosives during what some describe as a military/Deep State coup is entirely plausible. As we circle back to the events of 11 September, 2001 it's important to remember that had SCOTUS actually heard Bush v. Gore and ruled for Al Gore rather than upholding Jeb’s secretary of state (massive election fraud in Ohio notwithstanding) the entire head-lopping W performed on the chain of command would have been avoided. And, when you're appointed POTUS by your brother(s) or your father, you lop all the heads of those with whom you do not agree when you come to office because you're focused on deposing Saddam, the winner of the first Gulf War. CIA analysts were threatening to resign ahead of the event as the Bush cabal bobbled the ball. 

There is little doubt in my mind that damning evidence linking the Trump Organization to the Port Authority and beyond was destroyed on 9/11. It’s impossible the Obama Administration didn’t know Donald Trump was being installed by a hostile government. The Deep State put Trump in the White House because they're the Mob, too and he’s leveling the other guys’ poppy fields and heroin distribution with bombers from South Dakota while leaving the friendly opiate trade to flourish. The Trump Organization is an equal opportunity money launderer doing it for CIA and other Deep State actors for decades. 

The Bushes and Trumps are competing crime families with ties to the assassination of President Kennedy. On 22 November, 1963, CIA operative George HW Bush was photographed at the entrance of the Dallas Book Depository on that fateful day in Texas. G Gordon Liddy murdered Officer JD Tippit in Dallas in a botched plot to replace President John F Kennedy's body to hide the evidence of multiple shooters and nearly every member of the DPD was in on the conspiracy. JFK's fatal head shot was fired from a storm gutter at nearly point blank range. George W Bush spent nearly the entire month of August, 2001 in Texas preparing for the false flag narrative to follow the next month. The two Georges, Jeb and Marvin Bush are directly responsible for the events of 11 September, 2001. Why? Because the business of war is in their blood. Donald Trump's father, Fred is a JFK assassination conspirator hence those dox are being held up, too. 

John Thune's rejection of Trump was a ruse. He already knew Donald Trump was a sleaze from his basketball buddy Jim Comey. That's right: the vast white wing of the Republican Party was going to beat Hillary Clinton at any cost even if it meant colluding with a sworn enemy of the United States, destroying the presidency and taking down the republic. So Thune made Congress look the other way as Russia and Cambridge Analytica conspired with Facebook to hack the election. 

And, had former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton been elected in 2016 Paul Ryan would be president today. Her campaign knew that if Hillary won the rabid Republican House would have impeached her, the Senate would have removed her before midterms and Trump would be on the sidelines egging them on. Somebody (Robert Mercer and Cambridge Analytica) promised Paul Ryan the presidency had Clinton been removed and Tim Kaine met an unfortunate end but that all crashed when Trump was installed. There’s no way in Hell the GOP would have given a President Kaine the time to choose a Veep. 

Clinton sat in with the most sophisticated intelligence community on the planet, ferfucksake! She and her campaign knew the Russians, the Trump campaign, Mike Pence and the Republican Party were hacking the election and the battle over her private emails proves it. The tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch was to deliver a thumb drive containing the Steele Dossier to the Justice Department. It was likely an open secret Trump was already under the microscope. Hillary's campaign was phoned in at best so they gave Trump and the GOP all the rope they're using right now to hang themselves.

Monday, September 7, 2020

Poor ranching practices drive eastern Montana wildfires

Eastern Montana is ablaze because it’s overrun with dry invasive cheatgrass but as a Republican stronghold avoids criticism from Republicans. Explosive tall grass, brush and ponderosa pine understory are driving wildfires on private ground in a region where bison would have been clearing fine, flashy fuels just 150 years ago. The nearly 50,000 acre Huff Fire burned through the white supremacist town of Jordan, known as the home of the Montana Freemen. The Bobcat fire near Roundup in Musselshell County is estimated to be 41 square miles in size. Rain and snow are expected to slow or even stop the spread but forecasts project warm weather is expected to return to the northern Rockies.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Montana legalization campaign spending $2.3 million to reach voters

In June the Montana Democratic Party endorsed legal cannabis for all adults so the campaign to legalize has had little opposition. Now New Approach Montana and its allied advocates intend to spend some $2.3 million to imprint the state's two initiatives in voters' minds.  
Federal Communications Commission filings show the ads will appear across weekday programming, day and night. Viewers of local news broadcasts, Family Feud, Judge Judy, Ellen and This Is Us will all get to know New Approach Montana's pro-marijuana messaging beginning Oct. 13 — a few days after ballots are mailed. The campaign has so far raised more than $4.7 million. [Helena Independent Record]
Democratic Governor Steve Bullock is running for the US Senate in Montana. “'Gov. Bullock believes the criminalization of marijuana has ruined the lives of too many Americans and cost taxpayers too much money imprisoning non-violent offenders, and supports legalization and taxation of marijuana with appropriate regulations to prevent abuse,' his campaign told USA Today. ‘The governor will work to remove barriers at the federal level that conflict with states’ decisions to have medical marijuana or legalize it outright.’”

Friday, August 28, 2020

Prescribed burns reducing intensity of local blaze


The Trump Organization has blamed California wildfires on the lack of logging with statements typically devoid of facts but the real culprits are downed power lines and a warming climate. Over a half million wildfires are started by arsonists every year in the US and if you live in the wildland-urban interface government can't always protect you from your own stupidity. If counties and states just burned off their road and highway rights of way every year that creates substantial fire breaks.

Fire managers working the 3,200 acre Medio Fire on the Santa Fe National Forest are not sure what caused it but are steering it away from structures and into areas that have been burned prescriptively. According to Inciweb it's driven mostly by ponderosa pine understory and nearing the 2011 Pacheco Fire scar on the northeast. Rain showers are forecast for the weekend.
Fuel change to green quaking aspen should significantly reduce fire behavior and movement. Fire continues to work south and west above FS Road 102 in Pacheco Canyon. Fuel change to pinion and juniper will begin to limit fire.

Forest Service Operations Section Chief Eddie Baca took journalists into the burn zone. 

This kind of low intensity burn is exactly what the crews hope to ignite all along the western edge of the fire, says Baca on the way back. It's very different than the acres upon acres of barren, black and ashy hillsides in the Rio en Medio drainage where the fire burned hottest. He shows me a video he took on his iPhone from a plane as he flew over the fire on the first day he arrived on scene with the type 2 team. The sight of so much blackened land as seen from above comes as a shock after watching tame little flames smolder beneath still-green oak brush off the 102. He says he expects crews will add at least another 1,000 acres of controlled backburn to the overall acreage of the fire. But if it looks anything like the fire line where the Medio Fire kissed the 102, in time it might hardly bear a scar.
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