Daily dose o' dogma: Daugaard dole discharges domestic debt

An Adelstein connection? A candidate for top spot at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology is an earth hater who lost to Sen. Tom Udall (D-NM):
The school said the finalists will be on campus on April 18 and 19. Wilson represented New Mexico in the U.S. Congress from 1998 to 2009.--KOB, Albuquerque.
Thanks to Bob Mercer, ProgressNowNM, and Nadene.

Bill Janklow's heirs should give his campaign haul back to donors. Looks like the pink slime makers are greasing Kristi Noem.

Agenda 21 wasn't intended to be part of a city master plan in Cody, Wyoming. Heidi Hanson hails from The Enterprise:
“It’s not like we think the sky is falling,” Troy Brown of Cody said. Former state Senate candidate and tea party member Bob Berry claimed the council was attempting to “shut up the opposition by playing the audience against itself” before a question-and-answer session occurred. He and other tea party members in attendance who came from as far as Powell, said they were concerned about connections to “Agenda 21” – a nonbinding United Nations action plan adopted in 1992 to encourage sustainable development.
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This blog has long advocated that Ellsworth Air Force Base end its mission to kill people and become a wildfire response air tanker base.

Wyoming, North and South Dakota will likely never vote for a Democratic president who is black. Closing Warren, Minot, and Ellsworth but leaving Malmstrom, Grand Forks, and Offutt to anchor the northern nukes would be mostly painless for the party of Truman.

Make it so, Mr. President.

Another skirmish in the Missouri River water wars is finding its way to Congress: a story that the Rapid City Journal finally caught up with and was published by the Lincoln Journal-Star several days ago.

From the Associated Press piece:
Four Republican members of Missouri's congressional delegation contend the federal government should put less attention on wildlife preservation when making decisions about the Missouri River. The issue gained attention after the massive flooding of 2011, which began after the corps began releasing large amounts of water from upstream reservoirs that had been filled with melting snow and heavy rains. While changes to the river aided navigation and improved flood protection, the number of pallid sturgeon, piping plover and interior least tern have shrunk so much they are now listed under the Endangered Species Act.
The corps is under fire from enviros, too.

South Dakota's earth hater governor is slipping Ft. Pierre some Community Development Block Grant dough:
Gov. Dennis Daugaard already has signed the two offers of CDBG assistance to the city of Fort Pierre on April 10. The city council also set a public hearing date of May 6 for Ordinance No. 962, amending some passages of city ordinance having to do with conditional uses and conditional use permits; and it set May 20 as the date for a public hearing on a petition by Dakota Mill & Grain Inc. to vacate a 20-foot alley that isn’t used. No other property owners are affected.--staff, Pierre Capital Journal.
Follow the money.

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