Notes on trek to Klingon home world posted

Wow, you Klingons have standing water here on Qo'noS.

A former earth hater Congress member from New Mexico has taken a job at the School of Mines.

The only significant patch of green between the Galisteo in north central New Mexico and the Niobrara in Nebraska is at Last Chance, Colorado where a wildfire scorched the cheatgrass. The cholla growth ends south of Punkin Center and the Arkansas River looks pretty good but the South Platte at Brush looks like hell. A few lingering snow drifts around Limon huddled in the fronds of some very lucky yucca.

Just south of Scottsbluff, an hour and a half delay to replace a broken serpentine belt (carrying a spare one is essential) ultimately led to a six-pack. The North Platte is very low.

Nebraska 29 north of Mitchell is home to myriad pronghorn goats: long may they run. North of Harrison, Nebraska's highest town and where actual snow banks obstructed the highway at several locations, two elk ran away from the rig but disappeared before a haggard traveler could get the camera up.

Montrose, Nebraska yielded some of the photos below. If this interested party ever buys property in South Dakota again on the Klingon home world, it will be west of Ardmore somewhere.

Fellow blogger, Meg Lanker-Simons was the target of an attack: she is a survivor of rape. Stories here and here.

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