Does Jean Rounds really want to live in DC? Natives want Noem in Senate primary

Mike Rounds=Todd Akin? Ouch.

Indian Country wants Kristi Noem to enter South Dakota's GOP Senate primary:
It doesn't get any more slam-dunk than such disturbingly vibrant reveries when it comes to corroborating War on Women accusations. Intellectual independents focused on fiscal responsibility and a common-sense solution to the gridlock in Washington will only be courting disappointment if they back Rounds.--Cole R. DeLaune, Indian Country Today
Talk about damning with faint praise.


Anonymous said...

That would be DOMA, Nate.

Anonymous said...

It makes no difference if the infringer acknowledges the source of the photograph or gives you credit although if the photograph in question contains a credit and is used without permission or credit, those factors might help prove a "willful infringement."

larry kurtz said...

That's a lousy caption.