SD House candidate Kristi Noem participating in tryst?

interested party has learned that the speculation surrounding South Dakota Republican House candidate Kristi Noem's extramarital love life has produced a name: Jim Meidinger. Google searches point at a principal in the FSA group. An email sent to a USDA server was returned as undeliverable. Persons within the Republican campaign circle have allegedly observed intimate contact between Kristi and Jim that is ordinarily reserved for couples.

According to a source, Meidinger has since retreated to DC after a visit to South Dakota leaving purported love interest Noem to flounder following revelations of a 20-year driving record fraught with recklessness resulting in numerous arrest warrants for failure to appear.

From the Argus Leader:
Noem's dive into the family operation led to posts agricultural boards - her first steps into politics. She served on the South Dakota Soybean Association board. In 1997, then-Sen. Tom Daschle nominated her to serve on the state board of the Farm Service Agency. That led to an appointment to the board from President Clinton. Noem also attended one of Daschle's leadership camps, which were intended to groom up-and-coming Democrats to compete for local and state offices. Noem said she attended when the camps were open to Republicans because she wanted to learn more about campaigning. Noem isn't sure how her name got to Daschle for the FSA appointment. It came when the board was being expanded from three members to five. Regardless, Noem was a Republican serving among Democrats. "I don't know why or how she got on that board," said Mike O'Connor, a former Democratic lawmaker who served as the executive director of the state FSA.
Hmmm. Millions in farm subsidies apparently negotiated through FSA. Evidence of entitlement, solipsism.

Democrats=safe sex. Republicans=cheap sex.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Kurtz, keep digging on this. There is far more to know.

-worker bee

Erin said...

You are very brave in venturing forth with this. It explains something that puzzled me, which is why some very prominent Republican candidates have refused to endorse Kristi Noem. I have been told by relatives that they detest her, but I assumed it was because of the haughty and insulting way she has treated colleagues in the legislature. However, they say her driving record is consistent with her entire personality and lifestyle.

When Al Novstrup appeared on the new NSU poltical show on cable tv, he did a lot of double-talk about why he would or would not endorse a congressional candidate. He would not endorse Sandlin, but he avoided endorsing Noem, too. I am told by my relatives, who work closely with the legislature, that he is one of the people who loathes her.

Unknown said...

I endorse Kristi Noem.
Erin, it wasn't double talk. What I was explaining is that I vote for candidates that know how to vote. I believe Kristi will do a better job of voting concerning government spending and the deficit.

Al Novstrup

caheidelberger said...

I have to disagree, Rep. Novstrup. Noem only knows how to vote the way her handlers tell her. She can hardly articulate a position beyond her rehearsed talking points. She is less qualified to deal with the practical complexities of the federal budget and South Dakota's needs than Stephanie Herseth Sandlin.

Anonymous said...

This election year, I'm having a hard time. A real hard time teaching my kids that it's OK to disagree on issues with other people, but yet treat them with enough respect to "agree to disagree".

It's accusations like you are posting that cross the line.

Above this box I see that you wrote "assail my words and not my character". Your words are indicating that your character is less than admirable.

Shame on you. You need to get a life, Larry. I can't believe someone would post such a hurtful untrue statement.

larry kurtz said...

I'll stand for your entire statement except the "untrue" part. There's a smoking gun.

larry kurtz said...

Maybe it's ok to send an intern in a leg cast to go out and start your car on a brutal January day or defer to a lobbyist to write your bills while you plot a liaison.

This election is about competence, capability and accountability, not just about another prima dona looking for her next leg upi in DC.

larry kurtz said...

Bryon, your face betrays you.

Anonymous said...

For more, ask her neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Larry: What is this "smoking gun"? I strongly doubt the validity of this, and now of any other "facts" you bring to the table. Starting rumors like this for a political agenda (without any proof) will probably harm your cause, as people can easily see you are the type of person who would lie to hurt others.