SDSMT hires loser

The amount of livestock runoff happening right now in Pennington County and on the Black Hills hydrologic region is horrifying. Parking lots in Rapid City, Deadwood, Lead and Spearfish have piles of snow melting sending PCPs and petroleum waste into storm sewers.

Qo'noS: where old white Republicans go to die.

So, South Dakotans all knew that the School of Mines and Technology was having "a tough time," right?

Even the Daily Caller panned Heather Wilson, the earth hater former New Mexico Representative for District 1:
Wilson is everything Americans despise about politicians, regardless of party. A cursory look at her career reveals profligacy, cronyism, abuse of power, lies, cover-ups and a sex scandal. She’s seldom crossed an earmark she hasn’t liked, including the infamous $398 million Bridge to Nowhere. She is a crony of the first order, landing a cushy state job with a $93,000 base salary for her husband Jay Hone.--conservative activist, Yates Walker, The Daily Caller.
Did someone connected with the lab in the former Homestake turn the screws to get her hired?
According to an October 16, 2012 Santa Fe Reporter article she has had numerous consulting contracts with defense contractors, including Sandia Labs beginning in 2009 and up to her Senate campaign in 2012. Moreover, in the past her congressional staff has included Sandia Labs personnel.--Jay Coghlan, Nuclear Watch
Hello. Who got the stimulus funds in New Mexico? Homestake Mining Co. got $10.4 million smackers.

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