Noem, Bachmann suffering bimbo images

South Dakota's violations of the Indian Child Welfare Act during the Rounds/Daugaard years are slated to be discussed tomorrow morning on NPR's Morning Edition.

The Huron Plainsman gets a news nod today: Roger Larsen reported on a conference call with Rep. Kristi Noem (earth hater-SD). This stuck out:
While the president’s proposal does start the discussion on entitlements, Noem said she’s also concerned about tax increases and a lack of meaningful spending reductions. Obama also seeks to cut areas critical to South Dakotans like the federally impacted school district program and energy assistance for low-income people, she said.
Right, let Republicans cut assistance to schools and old people because the GOP is so good at ending gun violence.

Minnesota Public Radio posted this:
Any mention of a female candidate's appearance in the media — be it positive, negative or even neutral — damages her chance of being elected, according to a new study. "The voters in our study, when they heard the different physical descriptions of the woman, they immediately started rating the female candidate as being less competent, being less in touch and being less qualified for the job," Rachel Larris from Name It. Change It. told MPR News. "This is really dramatic. Being less qualified is the biggest issue in whether people will vote for a candidate."
Calling her an embarrassment to the people of his district, Jim Graves has announced a run against Rep. Michele Bachmann (earth hater-MN). Bachmann is being investigated for campaign violations and has been scheduled to speak at a christian white supremacist rally.

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