Noem being enticed by DC: but what about the brothel?

You can bet that the beleaguered South Dakota Secretary of State wishes he could go back in time and not hire a quitter.

We all know how Kristi Noem got to Congress. Now she is dancin' with the ones who brung her.

But, what will she do after South Dakotans turn her out? Her Teabag buddy from Montana, Dennybriated Rehberg became a lobbyist, her friend and ally Michele Bachmann will probably go to jail. Recall that don Juan Thune gave blow jobs between terms as lawgiver in DC.

Why IS the earth hater party in South Dakota worried about our candidates' choices?

Former US House member Stephanie Herseth Sandlin would crush Noem if the election were held today for a fraction of the cost of a Senate bid. Brendan Johnson would run an effective campaign against Noem and anyone in a suit could beat ethically-compromised Mike Rounds or some yacho from the Tea-zone.

In two years SHS could unseat South Dakota's ineffectual current junior senator and force South Dakota from the 19th Century into the 21st.

Sen. Max Baucus won't run for reelection: his office has released his agenda for the time remaining in the term.

Max and his wife have been building a house in Bozeman reportedly talking about retirement for some time. He has led and will continue to lead on wilderness, women's reproductive and LGBTQ rights.

It comes as good news for Montana Democrats as former Gov. Brian Schweitzer is expected to annihilate any contender. He is doing exactly what most of us expected him to do. A draft Schweitzer for Senate movement is being developed.

Sometimes asked if he would run for President in 2106 in the aftermath of recent firearm restrictions legislation against which Baucus voted, Schweitzer was quoted by the Bozeman Daily Chronicle as saying:
In Iowa and Florida, those Democratic voters would ask me about things like gun control and I’d say things like,‘You control yours, I’ll control mine,' that’s not going to sell in a Democratic primary.
Good roundup here. Analysis here.

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