Boycott Deadwood

Deadwood has become home for white, male, meth-infused biker trash: no wonder visitation is down.

This little message appeared over night on a decal attached to one of my rigs:

Boycott Deadwood.


caheidelberger said...

We drove through Deadwood regularly on our weekend family drives this past year, but we never found much to keep us there. Such disrespect for property and the First Amendment does not raise Deadwood in my esteem.

Duffer said...

You're asking for trouble in this (red) neck of the woods Meester Kurtz. Sad to say.

There are locales in this country where you can place that sticker on your bumper - and expect it to remain there without violent eruptions. All of them very nice places to live too.

Food for thought.

D.E. Bishop said...

Duffer, do you feel the defacement was Mr. Kurtz fault for putting it on his vehicle then? Or do you feel that he ought not live where he lives if he supports Obama? Both? Something else?

I suppose I should be getting your point, but I'm not. Sorry.

larry kurtz said...

Five years ago I wrote the words "Flush the GOP" in white shoe polish in the back window of a pickup topper while living in the Hills.

I pretty much got used to being flipped off.

freegan said...

society sucks!

freegan said...

mainstream society that is

Stan Gibilisco said...

Who knows? Maybe that joker came from San Francisco!

The world is full of weirdos. I ought to know.

A bit of isopropyl will take make that bumper sticker good as new.

I avoid wearing my politics on my sleeve. That's good, because I can't define it anyhow.

Duffer said...

D.E. - bad day?

L.K., to whom I directed my bit of cynical humor, gets it.

One has to admire those that will stick their necks out for their beliefs - in the face of insurmountable numbers and potential for hostility/violence.

L.K. - you packin?

D.E. Bishop said...

Nope Duffer, I'm fine, but thanks for asking. I just wanted clarification. I believe you've now given it. Simple.

I echo your admiration for those brave individuals.

Anonymous said...

Was that your rig?


Big Johansson

larry kurtz said...

Still is my rig, Swede; i did as Stan suggested: isopropyl did the trick.

What brings you to this neck of the woods?

freegan said...

Ron Paul news release 6-15-12