South Dakota media mostly ignoring conservative Evans

Conservative christianist Libertarian Party nominee Kurt Evans is going to be a major spoiler for Kristi Noem's precarious bid for governor in November especially if he can get his message to enough voters disgusted with the South Dakota Republican Party.

South Dakota is a sacrifice zone, chemical toilet, perpetual welfare state and permanent disaster area and if Noem is campaigning and raising money with a serial pussy grabber no doubt Il Trumpo will feel right at home among their fellow earth haters and grabbing them by their purses.


South Dakota ranked low in women's rights

Surprise! South Dakota is ranked 50th in 'workplace environment‘ and 38th overall in the 2018 WalletHub Best & Worst States for Women’s Equality.

Rand Paul stiffs fellow GOPer, endorses Gary Johnson

In 1995, Bob Newland, South Dakota cannabis activist and founding principal in the state's Libertarian Party, registered me as a member.
Former New Mexico governor and current Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Gary Johnson picked up the endorsement of Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky on Tuesday in his effort to unseat an incumbent Democrat. Paul shunned Republican nominee Mick Rich, an Albuquerque construction contractor and newcomer to politics, in favor of Johnson, who was elected governor of New Mexico twice as a Republican before running for president in 2012 and 2016 on the Libertarian ticket. Rich seized on the endorsement from Paul to highlight Johnson's support for recreational marijuana and to voice concern about hardline fiscal conservatism. [Sen. Rand Paul Backs Libertarian Candidate in New Mexico]
Born in Minot, North Dakota Johnson also suffered through several Aberdeen winters as a kid.

Both having fled the Republican Party Johnson and his running mate former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, campaigned in South Dakota during the tainted, likely illegitimate 2016 election. Weld talked in Spearditch as part of his whirlwind tour and Gov. Johnson did very well in Lawrence County - 7.9% was the best in the whole state. Having won 9.34% of the 2016 vote in New Mexico Johnson still enjoys pretty good support in the state and has just given $100,000 to his long shot campaign to unseat Democrat Martin Heinrich. Some analysts say Johnson's name on the ballot in Colorado won that state for Hillary Clinton.

Recognizing that maintaining 900+ known and covert US military installations is obscene I self-identify as a progressive Democrat with civil libertarian leanings. Confident Secretary Clinton would win New Mexico in 2016 Gary Johnson got my early vote for president at the Santa Fe County Fairgrounds despite this blog's view he was out of his depth in 2016, often seemed poorly advised on current events even lost in the weeds during the campaign. He has told supporters he won't run for president in 2020.

An interview with Johnson aired on Bill Janklow's idea of public radio.


American football is a tool of fascism

A study recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found 110 out of 111 brains of those who played in the National Football League had chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).
In the study, researchers examined the brains of 202 deceased former football players at all levels. Nearly 88 percent of all the brains, 177, had CTE. Three of 14 who had played only in high school had CTE, 48 of 53 college players, 9 of 14 semiprofessional players, and 7 of 8 Canadian Football League players. [NPR]
The only difference between American football and Roman gladiators is the losing team isn't fed to the lions. Joe Montana says cannabis has been an effective therapy for his pain from injuries and for those suffering the effects of CTE.

A University of South Dakota coach retired ahead of his sport's descent into the dustbin of history: Sioux Falls Argus Leader.
Dr. Steven Miles said an outright ban on youth football would be unrealistic. But he is among the first to recommend removing football from schools, where the pressure of school spirit or being the only kid big enough to play nose guard can rope players into a sport in which 5 percent to 20 percent of players suffer concussions each season. Miles, who has studied war crimes and torture, is surprised he hasn’t received more criticism, considering how Friday night varsity games are embedded in American culture. [Minnesota doctors call for removal of football from public schools]
Because of lax banking rules forty percent of US assets and some $4 TRILLION languish in South Dakota banks where a career in usury gets your name on a football stadium.

American football is a tool of fascism. NFL players protesting law enforcement industry violence against people of color during the Star-Speckled Banana before contests is America's just deserts.

The NFL, the Fox group and the Trump Organization are among the country's most hated companies. Dissolving the NFL then ending college and high school ball can't happen soon enough.


Red states finding relief with therapeutic cannabis

Only Idaho, South Dakota, and Nebraska ban all forms of cannabis.

Republican-glutted states are the drunkest, kill the most kids, are the most obese and most addicted to opioids. States with the most alcohol-impaired driving deaths are Montana, South Carolina, North Dakota, Alabama, South Dakota, Texas and Wyoming.

But North Dakota and Montana have taken steps to reverse the trend. The latest figures from Montana's therapeutic cannabis program show 26,549 registered patients in the program and 420 providers. That state's cannabis industry has generated some $45 million in total sales.
Three testing labs have been licensed, and one additional lab license was pending in July. [First year of medical marijuana tax generates $1.8 million in Montana]
North Dakota has turned to therapeutic cannabis and is expected to legalize for all adults in its efforts to reverse opioid abuse.

But, North Dakota's repressive neighbor to the south is among the worst states for opioid abuse yet Democrats in that red state believe residents are too fragile for legal cannabis. Even the South Dakota State Medical Association contends that although "marijuana and dronabinol decreased pain" the fact that it is illegal makes it less effective as a therapy.

Pass a corporate income tax, end video lootery, reduce the number of South Dakota counties to 25, turn Dakota State University into a community college, and adopt my cannabis template: the kurtz solution painted on a thumbnail.


Pay: new South Dakota e-tax really an income tax

South Dakota native and former resident now Wisconsin policy wonk, Donald Pay just called Republican legislator, Lee Schoenbeck a liar.
I don’t understand the need for some to try to hide from the truth. To them, apparently, the truth isn’t the truth.

No one paid this tax before. There was no real infrastructure in place to collect the tax. There was a Supreme Court case stating states couldn’t collect this tax. There was the hope that some out-of-state retailers would voluntarily collect money somewhat equivalent to the amount of a sales tax and remit that money to the state. Some did, most didn’t. There was the hope that state taxpayers would voluntarily pay the amount equivalent to a sales tax. Some did, most didn’t. I wasn’t aware that voluntary contributions were taxes, but truth isn’t truth, you know.

Don’t pretend this is not a new tax. I’m OK with this new tax, by the way. This new tax will hit the middle class and the wealthy harder than the poor, because most poor folk aren’t buying much on-line. It is, in essence, an income tax disguised as a sales tax, since the wealthier among us have long used these catalogue and on-line purchases to skip paying their fair share of taxes. Even with this new semi-income tax in place the wealthy get by without paying their fair share. The money collected should go toward elimination of the tax on food purchases. [Donald Pay, blog comment]


Drought, Republicans Continue to Threaten Prairie Pothole Region

Most East River lakes are eutrophic shit holes filled with toxic algae and unable to even support fish populations so the Prairie Pothole Region is becoming increasingly threatened by the encroachment of industrial agriculture but more irrigation means pumping fossil water from depleted aquifers mainly recharged by the Prairie Pothole Region.

So once again the feds are bailing out the locals this time through a grant from the North American Wetlands Conservation Council, a part of the US Fish and Wildlife Service but instead of native bison We the People will pay a few welfare ranchers to run domestic livestock on some of it.
Soil Health Initiative funds will be open to eastern South Dakota landowners interested in establishing cover crops, diversifying crop rotations, reducing tillage, conserving wetlands and planting grasslands. The grant also includes funds for various wetland restoration and protection projects, including the acquisition of conservation easements from willing landowners. The grant and partner contributions will enhance more than 30,000 acres of wetlands and associated upland habitats in eastern South Dakota, benefiting waterfowl, ring-necked pheasants, white-tailed deer, songbirds, waterbirds and a wide variety of other wildlife species. [Farm Forum]
The sacrifice zone, chemical toilet, perpetual welfare state and permanent disaster area that is South Dakota is banking on increased drought in hopes to coax relief from the Trump Organization despite greater than average mountain runoff into the Missouri River.

Even the n00bs at South Dakota News Watch caught up to the story.
Ultimately, though, increasing protections for South Dakota rivers will largely boil down to money and future investment, a fact that presents a major challenge to a low-population state that is fueled mainly by sales tax revenues. [Rivers at Risk: S.D. waterways serve as dumping grounds for human, industrial, ag wastes]
Yeah, right.

So much for that.

See why the first line of political defense is the County Commission? And why environmental lawyers are important to democracy?

The US Fish and Wildlife Service enforces critical habitat and Democrats care more about this stuff than the Greedy Old Party does.

I'm a single-issue voter. Earth first. See how simple?

Former Rapid City cleric accused of covering up sex crimes in Pennsylvania

The Philadelphia Diocese is the bishopric of former Rapid City, South Dakota cleric Charlie Chaput.
In April, while the clergy sex abuse investigation was entering its final stretch, state Sen. Stewart J. Greenleaf R- Montgomery, introduced a bill that, among other things, seeks to sharply scale back a grand jury’s ability to issue reports and recommend changes in the law. Mr. Greenleaf, known for his work on criminal justice issues, chairs the Judiciary Committee. That panel in the last session gutted a bill that would have enabled a flood of new lawsuits by past victims against their abusers or the institutions that supervised them – a bill opposed by Philadelphia Archbishop Charles J. Chaput and other church leaders. [Clergy abuse case reflects simmering scrutiny of Pa. grand jury system]
Charlie Chaput is a short guy and Two-Spirit of the first order who entered seminary to dodge the draft, avoided service in Vietnam then served as bishop of Rapid City from 1988 to 1997.
Philadelphia Archbishop Charles J. Chaput this week praised a Catholic school for firing a lesbian teacher for being married to her partner, insisting the situation was “nothing complicated.” Chaput told the National Catholic Register in 2013 that members of “the right wing of the church” have generally “not been really happy about” about Pope Francis. [Philadelphia archbishop praises firing of popular lesbian teacher as ‘common sense’ and ‘honesty’]
Catholicism is honesty like gonorrhea is charity. Being six feet under allows Chaput to be a crusader for kulturkampf and an unlikely defender of marriage equality.
Chaput is a professed Capuchin and has a reputation as an outspoken conservative. A member of the Prairie Band Potawatomi tribe, he is the second Native American to be ordained a bishop in the United States, and the first Native American archbishop.
Bill Blankenship of The Topeka (Kansas) Capital-Journal:
Chaput didn’t grow up in the Potawatomi culture, but he told The Topeka Capital-Journal in 1998 when it named him a Kansan of Distinction that in the Diocese of Rapid City where more than 40 percent of Catholics are American Indians, he discovered his own native roots.
Although nothing untoward ever happened to me as an altar boy for Fr. Louis J. Miller at Our Lady of Good Counsel my girlfriend in high school told me their family attended Mass in Aurora because Miller had done something bad in Alaska then was transferred in the late 1950s to the Elkton parish under Sioux Falls cleric, Lambert Hoch. Hoch was born in Elkton. Marlboro-smoking, scotch-drinking Louis Miller was elevated to monsignor, built a gorgeous church and grade school, coached St. Marys basketball then was decapitated in an automobile accident near Pierre in 1968.

Leonard Fox, the bean-counter who succeeded him and assigned to pay the bills was a greasy sleazeball who drove me from catholicism.

Now, both South Dakota dioceses are up to their areolae in debt to the white christianic ruling class for covering up crimes committed by pederastic priests where Catholic congregations and the state's legislature have engaged in obstruction of justice for decades.

Bernie v. Blue Cloud Abbey was one of several cases that ended up before the South Dakota Supreme Court alleging church officials at the time covered up serial sexual abuse taking place at the compound. After helping to broker the sale of the abbey Watertown member of the Church of the Holy Roman Kiddie Diddlers, Lee Schoenbeck, aided by lobbyist Jeremiah Murphy, forced the South Dakota Legislature to pass laws covering up countless crimes committed by their sect by enacting statutes of limitations.


Apeshit: Thune, Rounds and Noem feeding at public trough

I began playing in Jerry Apa's illegal poker games in the basement of the Bodega in Deadwood somewhere around 1985.

The late Mike O'Connell was a founding father of legal gambling in the Gulch and every time Apa would go on tilt in a poker game Mike would shout, "he's gone apeshit!" The name stuck.
I asked five specific and honest questions. Why is the South Dakota Congressional delegation so reluctant to give me five specific and honest answers? My research on the Congressional pension plan has shown me the pompous and pampered members of Congress have no problem feeding at the public trough at the taxpayer’s expense. [Jerry Apeshit Apa]
A former legislator and Lead mayor, a lifelong earth hater and member of the Church of the Holy Roman Kiddie Diddlers, Apa's scathing indictment of South Dakota Republican Party leadership and its ownership of SD Game Fish and Plunder helped kill a state land grab in Spearditch Canyon. Now he's watching his political party ripping apart in South Dakota.

Two of South Dakota's earth hater delegation receive their medical benefits from Obamacare. Rep. Kristi Noem has a full ride and Sen. John Thune is on the DC HealthLink Obamacare exchange. Mike Rounds is cutting a fat hog on South Dakota's high insurance costs and with Kristi Noem they have taken nearly $4 million in ag subsidies.

In a related story, the unindicted felon and co-conspirator temporarily sitting in the White House is saying he will come to the chemical toilet to stump for earth haters Kristi Noem and Howdy Doody Dusty Johnson.

Your thoughts?


SDSU president: get used to Brookings County being a shit hole

South Dakota State University President Barry Dunn says the chemical toilet should simply accept more confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs).
Large dairy operations are planned or underway along the I-29 corridor, with large poultry or pork facilities showing up in the south and east. Dunn says the new hog units built near the campus in Brookings shows that they can be located close to homes and businesses. [SDSU President Barry Dunn; CAFOs Can be Good Neighbors]
Brookings County is not just where I grew up it's home to South Dakota's most pestilent porker.

David Ganje is an attorney based in Rapid City who practices environmental law. He opined on the case of a Brookings County polluter whose choices contributed to contaminated runoff into the Big Sioux River.
The defendant was charged with destroying real property of the United States because he drained and caused to be drained, without the authority and permission of the government, lands under a federal wildlife easement. The jury found the defendant guilty of "disturbing protected wetlands of the United States.” The jury did not find the defendant guilty of the indicted charge of knowingly disturbing protected wetlands of the United States. After the conviction in this case the prosecutor said that requiring the defendant to restore the wetlands sends an important message. One cannot fault a prosecutor who is attentive to environmental issues. [Pierre Capital Journal]
This morning the Big Sioux River is again out of its banks contaminating everything in its path with poisonous effluent including that generated by non-point sources. The crony capitalism that keeps South Dakota the 8th worst state for the working class is destroying lands promised to native peoples by treaty and my home town of Elkton is struggling to find enough housing for migrant workers often living in squalor.

In a related story Dunn admits enrollment is crashing at SDSU.

South Dakota is a perpetual welfare state, a permanent disaster area and a chemical toilet by design. Until Democrats seize power nothing will ever change.


Wyoming-based GOP donor reaps timber salvage windfall after Black Hills fire and blow down

I've logged a number of timber salvage operations after fires and blow downs in the Black Hills, Bighorn Mountains and in Idaho. It's dirty, dusty and destructive.

Most of the timber salvaged from the Legion Lake Fire and the recent blow down in the Northern Hills went to Hulett, Wyoming-based Neiman Enterprises. Stumpage for salvage operations on public lands is discounted to expedite removal so the industry pays pennies on the dollar. Kristi Noem frequently calls for a socialized Black Hills timber industry to placate Jim Neiman.
Jake Jackson, a Forest Service representative who oversees timber contracts in the Northern Hills and Bearlodge ranger districts, said the tornado crossed areas where three timber contracts were already in place with Neiman Enterprises. After the damage in those areas was evaluated, the focus of the contracts shifted to salvaging affected trees. [Thousands of timber truckloads salvaged after fire and tornado]
Nearly all the trees in the state park named for a war criminal and the ponderosa pine in the blow down were drought-stressed and susceptible to wind damage because of South Dakota's failure to sufficiently clear decades of overgrowth and understory, a century of fire suppression, a decades-long Forest Service moratorium on prescribed burns, a lack of environmental litigators and GOP retrenchment.

European settlement in the New World and the Industrial Revolution took hardwoods for charcoal then humans allowed fast-growing conifers to replace lost forests. Ponderosa pine only reached the Black Hills less than four thousand years ago and when Case #1, the first Forest Service timber sale in history took place near near Nemo, South Dakota the Black Hills National Forest ceased being a wild thing. While ponderosa pine is not native to the Black Hills native limber and lodgepole pine have been mostly extirpated from He Sapa, The Heart of Everything That Is.

Now in the Mountain West aspen has been choked out by fire suppression and the timber industry exacerbating climate change. Aspen leaves reflect sunlight in the summer and aspen communities hold snow pack into the Spring while pine needles absorb heat and accelerate snow melt warming the planet.
Given the great expanses of forest that are being affected by climate change and the fact that most will need to adapt in situ, it is imperative we begin to move past structural approaches to consider the genetic capacity of forest trees to adapt. The high degree of standing genetic variation found in most forest trees indicates many will have considerable ability to adapt. We need to be cognizant of adaptation that is occurring so that our management approaches act to support rather than hinder natural selection for traits needed under future conditions. [Dr. Diana Six, Are Survivors Different? Genetic-Based Selection of Trees by Mountain Pine Beetle During a Climate Change-Driven Outbreak in a High-Elevation Pine Forest]
Above photo lifted from earth hater Alan Aker's Facebook page.


Judge sends Keystone XL pipeline to limbo

The same geology that thwarts railroads and forces engineers to rebuild I-90 between Reliance and Rapid City and I-94 between Mandan, North Dakota and Billings, Montana every year also makes construction of the Keystone XL pipeline untenable.
In 2015, John Kerry, secretary of state under President Barack Obama, concluded the controversial project was not in the country's national interest, citing the impact the project would have on climate change as a major factor in the decision. The environmental impact statement used by the Trump administration in approving the project, attorneys for the environmental groups argued, is “unacceptably stale” and contains outdated information about oil prices, crude by rail, oil spills and modeling for greenhouse gas emissions. [Army of attorneys spar over Keystone pipeline in Great Falls court]
Nearly twice as much as originally believed or some 407,000 gallons of oil leaked last year from a faulty Keystone pipeline in Marshall County, South Dakota just days before Nebraska officials announced their decision on an alternative for an additional TransCanada route.

Attorneys for the Trump Organization will stop at nothing to erase Barack Obama's legacy including accelerating the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, a warming climate and an eventual American Indian rebellion to protect treaty lands.

Citing spills in South Dakota Obama-appointed Judge Brian Morris in Great Falls, Montana has ordered the US State Department to conduct a more thorough environmental review of the proposed pipeline route.
"We are pleased that Judge Morris has rejected all of the excuses raised by the Trump administration and TransCanada in attempting to justify the federal government's failure to address TransCanada's new route through Nebraska," said Stephan Volker, an attorney for the environmental and Native American groups that filed the Montana lawsuit. [Great Falls judge orders new federal review of Keystone XL pipeline]
Jane Kleeb of Bold Nebraska says support for TransCanada's day in court is facing its final argument and that the pipeline will never be built.

The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe has created a website to raise funding and awareness for the dispossession of treaty land, natural resources and to provide information about the nation's battles against the Dakota Excess and Keystone XL Pipelines.


Trail cam 5: predator, prey

"If your eyes are on the front of your head you eat meat. If your eyes are on the side of your head you are meat." -- Herb Haist


South Dakota's welfare ranchers getting another taste of climate disruptions; updated

Explosive fire weather continues today for the northern Rocky Mountains and will move into western South Dakota tomorrow where the conditions meet the chemical toilet, a perpetual welfare state and permanent disaster area.

Drought is returning where welfare ranchers now dependent on moral hazard continue poor ag and ranching practices squandering the precious precipitation that fell earlier in parts of South Dakota.

Authorities in California have arrested an extremist Republican who deployed weaponized wildfire to exact revenge on the good people of that state.


Death with dignity: Berget finally allowed to die

A state-ordered lethal injection isn't criminal justice; it's suicide by cop.
Attorney General Marty Jackley announced today that the warrant of execution for Rodney Scott Berget has been issued by Second Circuit Court Judge Bradley Zell. Berget is scheduled to be executed between the hours of 12:01 a.m. and 11:59 p.m., during the week of October 28 - November 3, 2018, inclusive, at a specific time and date to be selected by the Warden of the State Penitentiary. [KELO Radio]
South Dakota enjoys killing and has built an economy around death.

Bob Gruss is AG Marty Jackley's fellow member of the Church of the Holy Roman Kiddie Diddlers. He recently wrote an essay on capital punishment in the Rapid City Journal.
The death penalty is always an inhumane and inappropriate punishment. I pray that South Dakota joins the many other states that respect the dignity of life by ending the death penalty — in particular for those with severe mental illnesses. [Gruss]
How is the price of putting people to death either conservative or sustainable? The litigation costs of trying a capital crime persuaded Nebraska to rethink state-sponsored killing.

Pope Frank, the head of the Roman church just released the sect's revulsion of capital punishment putting Jackley's soul at risk to eternal damnation but $20 says Marty would just love to dispatch a handcuffed Rod Berget with a shotgun blast to the abdomen just like someone did for Rich Benda.

It's the view of The Dakota Progressive that those convicted of any felony requiring incarceration should be able to ask for a death with dignity rather than living a life of Hell in the South Dakota State Penitentiary or in a Colorado Supermax.


Cougar caught on trail cam?

Sure looks like a cougar in frame 16!

Republican pollster forgets conservatives already running in South Dakota House race

Public Opinion Strategies (POS) is a Republican polling firm that ignored the two conservatives already running against Howdy Doody Dusty Johnson.
Johnson's campaign said Monday that a poll conducted [by] Public Opinion Strategies shows him with support from 54 percent of respondents, compared to 33 percent for Bjorkman and 10 percent undecided, with a margin of error of plus or minus 4.9 percent. [Johnson's poll shows him leading by 21 points in House race]
Judge Tim Bjorkman's pollster Public Policy Polling is ranked fifth for accuracy while POS is ranked 25th.
PPP surveyed 641 registered South Dakota voters, 53 percent of them Republicans, from July 19-20. The margin of error is plus or minus 3.9 percent. The poll was conducted by automated telephone interviews. [Bjorkman: Poll from noteworthy source shows tightening race]
POS did discover only 37% of respondents view Howdy Doody favorably and hasn't published cross tabs indicating an extremely biased survey.
After all, in those nine swing states Public Opinion Strategies cited, the polls were all wrong in the same direction. [NPR]
Independent ratings firm Cook Political Report isn't even paying attention to the race for South Dakota's lone US House seat because the principled conservatives in the Constitution Party have yet to nominate their candidate.

Once again POS proves the only poll that matters is the one on 6 November.

If Ron Wieczorek takes 6% of the earth hater vote, George Hendickson takes 6% and the Constitution Party's candidate Neal Tapio takes an expected 10% Democrat Tim Bjorkman will win within the margin of error especially after it's been revealed earth hater Johnson has ties to the Russian mob.

Principled conservatives turn on Republican establishment


Sturgis Rally an opportunity to weed out snitches

Hells Angels, Bandidos and other gangs own property in the Black Hills area to serve as bases of operation for sex and meth trafficking much of it through what appear to be legitimate businesses.

Those motorcycle clubs and the South Dakota law enforcement industry use the Sturgis Rally as a sort of pyramid scheme clearinghouse. During pre-Rally meetings they exchange the names of individuals who will ultimately be targeted for arrest to place moles into the state's jails and prisons and to provide cops with an appearance of relevance. The Sturgis bacchanal is really all about male white privilege at any cost.
Speaking at Friday’s news conference, the first daily meeting with reporters through the run of the 78th Sturgis motorcycle rally, Meade County Sheriff Ron Merwin said the gathering was a “mandatory run” for the Angels. [Pre-rally crowd included gathering of 700 Hells Angels]
These gangs are essentially domestic terrorists operating with the blessings of the prison/industrial complex. The Sons of Silence, Bandidos and Hells Angels control organized crime in the Black Hills area where members have infiltrated nearly every community even operating Rapid City's Cornerstone Rescue Mission as a front for their activities. The Bandidos have a fortified compound in Rapid Valley and the Hells Angels own many properties in the area including the Cottonwood Lodge in Spearditch.
“You get a weird feeling like the hair on your neck stands up, something like that. If it seems wrong, say something. You don’t have to be one-hundred percent sure its trafficking, you don’t have to know if there’s a trafficker or a pimp in play somewhere,” said Polly Dean, Co-founder of The New Colossus. [Sturgis Seeing Increased Sex Trafficking Activity During Rally]
Thanks to selective enforcement white thugs have carte blanche to commit flagrant criminal acts during the Rally. A long history of lawlessness can make the event highly virulent attracting common parasites who breed in the cesspools of human existence.

Gangs of armed men with mental illnesses and addictions to meth power their way into western South Dakota every year; and, an accepted outlaw biker culture routinely traffics illicit behaviors that would otherwise be subject to legal interdiction.

But, a red moocher state like South Dakota is powered by sin: video lootery, a loan shark industry that preys on the least fortunate and a too-big-to-jail banking racket fill in the gaps created by lobbyists who enjoy the protection of single-party tyranny. Desperate to pay off those who benefit the entrenched Republican establishment criminals have a champion sitting as attorney general.

The Sturgis Rally is just another reason cops' lives suck. Little wonder they abuse their families, alcohol, drugs, food, power, detainees and occasionally murder their wives.


West River tourist traps struggling to find white workers

"They treat us like dogs."

One of Betty Olson's Facebook friends is lamenting that half of Huron's residents are in the United States illegally. Recall that in 2012 in the park named after a war criminal, a Custer State Park resort was fined for abusing workers in the US under the H-2B immigrant worker program. Krull's Market in Hill City has had one H-2B worker this summer instead of the four they requested.
At the peak season at Mt. Rushmore, Xanterra needs 255 employees. Xanterra manages the retail space, cafeteria, parking lot and is also in charge of cars entering the facility at Mt. Rushmore. There are around 120-140 people hired at Mt. Rushmore KOA at Palmer Gulch for the season. A quarter of those workers are foreign help, a quarter is work campers and the other half is local students or other locals. [Challenges with finding employees cause employers to advertise often]
As Region 8 Administrator for the Small Business Administration Matt Varilek did far more for South Dakota than Kristi Noem has.
U.S. Rep. Kristi Noem, R-S.D., said her brothers used the H-2A program to bring in workers during planting and harvest season. Lately, farmers - particularly those using the H-2A program - have been a target of the U.S. Department of Labor and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. [Sioux Falls Argus Leader]
What’s not to like about six month winters, rampant racism, chilling effects on civil rights and an extremist legislature?

South Dakota is graying fast and nursing beds represent economic development. The Janklow-owned Riverside Manor in Flandreau is overwhelmingly staffed by Filipinos and Filipinas as are most facilities for the elderly in South Dakota.

Any registered nurse with half a brain will leave for Minnesota, Colorado or the Southwest the instant they graduate so the work force in South Dakota will just get stupider and more Republican.


Mork and Randy shoot awkward video

DeLon Mork is an earth hater.

He was squirming like a carp on a pike during this video shoot with Democratic attorney general nominee, Randy Seiler. Mork is a professional sleaze who does nothing unless it serves his personal needs. He's a Future Fund recipient who gives thousands to earth haters like Denny Daugaard. Kinda makes me wonder what a former US Attorney has on an only child and owner of a Dairy Queen with nearly infinite opportunities to prey on minors.


South Dakota moves commodities on socialized rail system

Someone has been mowing the right of way at Stamford.

Socialized agriculture, socialized livestock production, socialized coal, a socialized timber industry, socialized air service and now a socialized rail system: nothing ever happens in red state South Dakota without federal pork.
Three railroads and two rail authorities asked a state government panel for support Wednesday as they seek federal aid to help rebuild routes in South Dakota. They’re angling for some of the $318 million the Federal Railroad Administration has in its consolidated rail infrastructure and safety improvements program. The plan laid out by Jerry Vest, a senior vice presient for the Rapid City, Pierre and Eastern line, calls for replacing 25.6 miles of track between Fort Pierre and Capa, upgrading 17 bridges to handle modern 286,000-pound freight cars and rebuilding the JC siding. That would allow trains to run 25 miles per hour rather than 10 through that stretch and the line then could handle the modern standard for loads, he said. [Rail groups seek support by state for federal grants]
The same geology that thwarts railroads and forces engineers to rebuild I-90 between Reliance and Rapid City every year also makes construction of the Keystone XL pipeline untenable.

Building two east-west rail systems exclusively for freight in South Dakota is lunacy. Water crossings where ice floes bash moorings and flooding causes scouring of fill from river bottoms are particularly vulnerable to failures. Recall TEApublican former governor Mike Rounds squandered Amtrak money on an airplane for his personal use. In 1997 the red moocher state received $23 million from taxpayers for going without Amtrak service.

Yes, overcoming the task of building a bridge at Chamberlain across the Missouri River and over the Pierre Shale should lead to passenger service being built on the abandoned Milwaukee bed between Sioux Falls and Rapid City including access for rural communities then connecting with a future line built to Colorado's rail line.

Trail cam captures images of lots of birds

Our Lady of the Arroyo and Neighbor Nancy sprang for a motion-activated trail camera for my birthday which i mounted near the wildlife waterer under the windmill at the casita. After editing some 3700 images these two sets remain. Enjoy!