Dems return Lederman-tainted donations

Looks like Pat Powers and the office of South Dakota's sleazy, embattled Secretary of State, Jason Gant are at the focus of this investigation: note the incomplete entries while Powers worked in the SOS office and completed after he left. Bob Mercer has the story here and here.

Mercer tells readers of the Pierre Cap Journal:
Ben Nesselhuf called on Republicans to likewise divest their campaigns of what he called “scam money” from the PAC. Nesselhuf said the Democrats – Senate leader Jason Frerichs of Wilmot $350, Sen. Bill Sutton of Burke $250 and Rep. Scott Parsley of Madison $200 – returned their amounts Monday. Nesselhuf said Free Conferencing abuses rural-telephone subsidies and called the matter a “pay to play scandal.”
Rock on, Bob.

The Rushmore PAC blog is an earth hater's wet dream.

One of its authors is a slimeball leading a witch hunt of US Attorney for South Dakota, Brendan Johnson. Dan Lederman is a Zionist state senator known for his close association with South Dakota's Church of the Holy Roman Kiddie Diddlers. Lederman panders to his white readers recently assailing President Obama by quoting Robert L. Bradley, Jr., a shill for Koch Industries. The earth haters believe that drilling willy-nilly is the answer to high fuel costs.

Recall Lederman's role in the Missouri River flooding of the swamp at Dakota Dunes where he built a temple for self-worship.

He was on Bill Janklow's idea of public radio in Spring, 2011 defending his decision to build in a floodway. Lederman was recently fingered for bringing anti-government speakers to his infamous red state.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has revised the schedule for the final Environmental Impact Statement for the Dewey-Burdock uranium factory:
While NRC Staff previously estimated it would issue the Final SEIS in May 2013, NRC Staff's current best estimate for issuance of the final SEIS is October 2013. This estimate takes into account the NRC's current resources, the demands on those resources from other licensing projects and non-licensing work, and the amount of time needed to fully respond to all comments on the Draft SEIS. NRC Staff is also revising its estimate because it continues to work with other agencies, including the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to ensure that all relevant views contribute to the Final SEIS. Although October 2013 is the NRC's current best estimate for issuance of the Final SEIS, NRC Staff has stated that it will make all reasonable efforts to expedite the issuance date. --press release, Electric Light and Power.
Powertech Uranium Corp. is driving the Centennial Project in Colorado, the Dewey Terrace and Aladdin Projects in Wyoming, too.

Stock in PWE trades about 152,000 shares a day: it has been sliding, now at .085.

American Rivers lists the Niobrara as the tenth most endangered river in its 2013 survey:
The Lower Niobrara is increasingly threatened by too much sediment backing up in the upper reaches of Lewis and Clark Lake behind the Missouri River’s Gavins Point Dam. Flooding due to sedimentation forced relocation of the Village of Niobrara in 1973. Downstream from the confluence, Lewis and Clark Lake is expected to lose 50 percent of its water storage capacity by 2045 due to sediment accumulation in the reservoir— to date, it has already lost 30 percent of capacity.

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