Racism plagues the chemical toilet

Ruth Hopkins at Last Real Indians:
There’s been a rash of racist flyers distributed in South Dakota area recently. These flyers exemplify my concerns about the need for tolerance and respect for the spiritual beliefs of others. It’s been said that the flyer I’m including here has been circulated by church members. The flyer calls the sacred Lakota rite of Yuwipi, as well as hand games, ‘satanic,’ and claims our sundancers suffer from ‘mental illness.’ Nothing could be further from the truth. It amazes me that a religion based on the sacrifice of such a selfless, loving, and wise individual as Jesus of Nazareth, who was a Jew, could contain bigots, misogynists and racists, who’ve hid behind crucifixes as innocents were massacred by those who called themselves conquerors.
RT @_RuthHopkins: Sorta weird when people tell me they love my column but they can't like it/share it for fear some 1 will see & be angry with them. #IndianUp

Diane Rehm hosts a panel discussion of the politics of the domestic violence bill here. Women living on reservations are particularly vulnerable. RT @NCAI1944: @drshow Charlotte Hays wrong #VAWA re: tribal provisions/courts - const. safeguards provided ncldng due-process rights.

Russell Means is in the news. An AP story is linked here.


A sewer runs through it: the chemical toilet revisited

In this treaty, signed on April 29, 1868, between the U.S. Government and the Sioux Nation, the United States recognized the Black Hills as part of the Great Sioux Reservation, set aside for exclusive use by the Sioux people.
Remember when Bill Janklow gutted environmental protection in the chemical toilet? Just when you thought it was safe to go East River, Cody Winchester delivers the bad news...again:
According to a recent report from Environment America, in 2010 the Big Sioux River was the 13th-most polluted river in the country by volume.
West River, spiking metals prices are threatening Spearfish Creek with even more human impact according to award-winning journalist, Kevin Woster. From the Rapid City Journal:
Tools during this stage will include front-end loaders, specialized excavators, trucks and a limited amount of blasting.
Yee fuckin' haw!

Reverse red state collapse: throw the bums out.


Gordy Pratt at Pumphouse Coffee

Join Paul, Amy, and JoJo at Deadwood's Pumphouse Coffee tonight for an evening with Gordy Pratt. A tiny cover of $15 includes hors d'oeuvres. Cold-ass beer is available, too. Party begins at 7. Miller Street parking works best.
You can find us in Historic Deadwood South Dakota at 73 Sherman Street. Just across the street from the Post Office and the Lawrence County Court House.
See you there.

Update, i dunno: 21:45ish. Fifty or so mostly fifty or so folks weren't watching the proceedings of the White House Correspondent's Dinner...live. Gordy sounded great and kept us mostly laughing at our aging selves.

The revolution begins...now

This land is your land. This land is my land. h/t freegan: take back your land now:

From Minnesota Public Radio:
Lenny Russo, James Beard nominee and chef-owner of Heartland Restaurant in St. Paul, joins The Daily Circuit to talk about the industry.

The Netherlands is considering a ban on cannabis for tourists. Sir Richard Branson penned alternatives at The Globe and Mail:
In contrast, there are higher levels of use in countries with a “zero-tolerance” approach to illicit drugs; the rate of cannabis use in the U.S. is 14 per cent, versus 5 per cent in the Netherlands, where licensed coffee shops sell small amounts of marijuana.


US general strike steamrolling toward May 1

In essence, a general strike is the complete and total shutdown of the economy. A general strike can last for a day, a week, or longer depending on the severity of the crisis, the resolve of the strikers, and the extent of public solidarity. --General Strike Pamphlet: Industrial Workers of the World.
From Elizabeth Whitman at The Nation:
The call for a general strike on May 1 should not be solely about work, argues Marina Sitrin, a postdoctoral fellow at CUNY specializing in global mass movements. Instead, it should reshape our ideas about how society is built, as Sitrin explains in this video, by asking hard questions about class, consumption, work and society.


United Nations to probe ethnic cleansing in US

When Fidel Castro took the reins in Cuba he dissolved the previous constitution with all its treaties, wrote a new manual, and ruled by decree.

That's essentially what happened to tribes: treaties that served as constitutions for American indigenous were broken and are still being rewritten for political expediency. American Indians are subject to at least four overlapping jurisdictions making tribes the most regulated people in the US without representatives serving in Congress.
Lise Balk King is a Fellow at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, Harvard Kennedy School of Government. She was previously co-publisher and executive editor of The Native Voice newspaper.
She brought readers up to speed at Indian Country Today on the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) as it turns its focus to the American Genocide.
The most important human rights milestone in our collective history is arguably the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), which was taken up on the heels of the atrocities of World War II at the first session of the UN General Assembly in 1946. The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Prof. James Anaya, provides a simple formula: “Use the declaration for engagement with governments, with Congress, with the courts. Tribes need to use it with the outside world and within their communities…to build healthy relationships on all levels.” Now is the time to insist that the standards originally put forth by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights be carried out by the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Let’s aspire that results won’t be 60 years in the making.
It would seem that progressives are less inclined to support a constitutional convention if recent comments are any gauge.

Could a constitutional convention reconcile and correct crimes against tribes?


Tom Jefferson: on the road; new poll

KRCC is Radio Colorado College: one of at least 47 public radio stations rotating weekly through my iTunes folder. Broadcasting on Sundays at 14:00 is The Thomas Jefferson Hour®:
The creator of the program is Clay S. Jenkinson, a nationally acclaimed humanities scholar and award winning first person interpreter of Thomas Jefferson. Clay discusses current American and world events and answers listener questions while in the persona of Jefferson. Clay's answers (as Jefferson) are grounded in his own unique knowledge of the writings and actions of Jefferson; a man of the Enlightenment, a student of human nature and a person of gentlemanly behavior. The host and producer of the program is David Swenson; Grammy nominee, documentary videographer and owner of Makoché Studios. The program is a volunteer effort, funded by The Dakota Institute through The Lewis and Clark Fort Mandan Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.
Jenkinson describes himself as an historian who initially sided with Justice Marshall in Marbury v. Madison, thought of Jefferson as quirky, mired in the Enlightenment. Now, he has rounded back to the Jeffersonian model, believes that Jefferson would be horrified to learn that the US is operating with a two hundred year old manual, and says we are long overdue for a Constitutional Convention.

Yesterday's show told a story of the addition of the Bill of Rights as an after-thought to what Jefferson believed was a poorly-written document prepared while he was in France.

A spelling error forced the reposting of the poll in the sidebar. Two people who voted earlier: please vote again.


Planned Parenthood supports Senator Tester

Montana could elect Democrats to every statewide constitutional office and help re-elect President Obama in 2012. Uber-reporter John S. Adams surrounded himself with goddesses and lived to tell about it to readers of the Great Falls Tribune:
Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America and one of TIME magazine's recently named "100 most influential people in the world," told Democratic supporters that Montana's U.S. Senate race will be the "eye of the storm" come November. Richards, daughter of former Texas Gov. Ann Richards, spoke to about 100 Democratic leaders, candidates, activists and donors gathered at a Thursday luncheon at the Holter Museum in downtown Helena. Richards said there is "no more important Senate race" in the country than in Montana, adding that in a tight race, women could be the deciding factor at the polls.
Mike Dennison filed his story for Lee Newspapers of Montana and the Billings Gazette. It is linked here.


Join RFK, Jr. and end slavery in the food chain

Bob Ellis=Ted Nugent=Timothy McVeigh=Anders Breivik. Today is the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. It happened a month after my little sister was killed and three months after the birth of my first daughter. From Kickstarter:
FOOD CHAIN explores the state of labor within the agriculture sector in the US and the immoral practices that affect the lives of countless thousands of farm workers.


Bob Ellis: a true earth hater

Bob Ellis changed the name of his blog because Dakota Voice made SPLC's Hate Map. Compare these quotes with the propaganda espoused at American Carrion.

All great movements are popular movements. They are the volcanic eruptions of human passions and emotions, stirred into activity by the ruthless Goddess of Distress or by the torch of the spoken word cast into the midst of the people.

All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.

Any alliance whose purpose is not the intention to wage war is senseless and useless.

Anyone who sees and paints a sky green and fields blue ought to be sterilized.

As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice.

As soon as by one's own propaganda even a glimpse of right on the other side is admitted, the cause for doubting one's own right is laid.

By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.

Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future.

Generals think war should be waged like the tourneys of the Middle Ages. I have no use for knights; I need revolutionaries.

Great liars are also great magicians.

Hate is more lasting than dislike.

He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.

How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think.

Humanitarianism is the expression of stupidity and cowardice.

I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator.

I do not see why man should not be just as cruel as nature.

I go the way that Providence dictates with the assurance of a sleepwalker.

I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few.

If today I stand here as a revolutionary, it is as a revolutionary against the Revolution.

Related: Breivik shows no remorse.


Official ip earth hater veepstakes short list

Marco Rubio brings nothing but controversy. Two governors on a ticket is asinine eliminating Christie, Pawlenty, and Daniels. Rob Portman won't survive the vetting process (Bush's OMB guy? Get real). Paul Ryan is too out of touch with reality. Santorum is a serial loser. Darrell Issa rolled through my mind, Rand Paul did, too: they're both fucking nuts. One of Susana Martinez' top cops just got popped for ignoring a warrant for a traffic violation.

Okay, they're all fucking nuts.

1. John Thune. Perfect foil for Mitt's hairdo.

2. Lisa Murkowski. Think about it.


Northern Black Hills, Rocky Mountain wildfire season rescheduled

A sloppy, gray Deadwood is a happy place this morning. The low clouds covering the Gulch overnight kept most budding fruit trees from freezing. 2005 it ain't.

phone photos of 35mm photos i took in 1977 or '78

this morning from an approximate location (don't ask)

A religious traveler who witnessed its ominous birth on the high plains of eastern Colorado might have called it miraculous that more people weren't casualties of a slow-moving weather system that brought death to some but life to others.

In a post this morning at Madville Times, Cory sorted through the proposed Thune/Noem concession to the Neimans.

One lawsuit convinced a judge recently to stop logging on a section of Custer National Forest near Ashland, Montana because the FS is apparently unwilling or underfunded to do due data diligence on mandated Environmental Impact Statements.

Weirdly enough: the basis for GOP policy appeared today in the Montana Standard, a Lee newspaper with a craving for cheap newsprint in an era when only the oldest voters rely on dead trees for the latest updates on Paul Ryan’s biblical revelations.

Privatization of public services is an ALEC tactic: just say no.

The EPA 2012 draft greenhouse gas inventory report here...yes, they're up.


Romney mentor virulent Bircher, Koch fiend; ip poll results

h/t Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers.

Mitt Romney quotes his former BYU professor:

From an Alexander Zaitchik piece posted in Salon:
In that, they are true disciples of the late W. Cleon Skousen, Beck’s favorite writer and the author of the bible of the 9/12 movement, “The 5,000 Year Leap.” A once-famous anti-communist “historian,” Skousen was too extreme even for the conservative activists of the Goldwater era, but Glenn Beck has now rescued him from the remainder pile of history, and introduced him to a receptive new audience.
Did Allen West just jump ahead of John Thune to the front of the earth hater veep contest?

ip readers don't think much of the Holy Roman Kiddie Diddlers if recent polls are indications:

Which is most cult-like?
7 (41%)

9 (52%)

1 (5%)

Which is more frightening?
5 (26%)

2 (10%)

3 (15%)

9 (47%)

More intriguing to this interested party are the results of the poll, US shooter should be tried in Afghan court:
after US court martial
5 (38%)

before US court martial
6 (46%)

during US court martial
2 (15%)


Earth haters won't fix the Black Hills

Update, 14 April, 20:32 MDT. LawCo uses jail labor for one thing. Aaron Orlowski tells readers of the Rapid City Journal that invasive species funds are being used to fight a species that evolved in the Black Hills.

Drove CO, NE, SD 71 its entire length from near La Junta to Hot Springs: all greening but dry. A brief downpour mixed with soft hail splattered the rig near Brush. Spent the night at the border just south of Ardmore. Many coal trains kept me awake for about ten seconds.

This morning, while Charles Michael Ray briefed listeners about the large turnout at the chemical toilet's Congressional delegation the previous night in Fall River County, one traveler on Cascade Road learned that Hat Creek and the Cheyenne River look nothing like they did last year at this time.

It wasn't until a skim of the Rapid City Journal revealed the Woster story on the Thune/Noem schmooz-fest at the new Republican-owned Game, Fish, and Extirpate West "Campus" where they unveiled Earth Haters' Delight:
They said the legislation, which they expect to be attached to the 2012 farm bill, will slice through restrictions in the National Environmental Policy Act and other potential delays, speeding up projects aimed at fighting a beetle proliferation that Thune labeled a “slow-moving disaster.”
"Slice through:" coulda been the lede. State control over feds: sound familiar?

Beetle-killed Ponderosa pine is substantially lighter than green timber, for one thing. That the youngest trees need to go is number two. Logging companies want the legacy trees that need to stay: number three. The Forest Service is broken: four.

It's not a beetle problem or even a money problem: it's a water problem. Preserve the legacy pine, select cut everything else, convert it to fuel, and burn to encourage aspen to begin the process of healing the living water/rock that is the Black Hills.

Only We, the People can prevent wildfires...if we're lucky.


Headed for the Hills

On the road. Photos are from previous events.

Las Vegas, New Mexico

big ass spider

people with whom i have been partying


Cannabis Science: cancer breakthrough "astonishing"

Disclosure: this interested party owns stock in CBIS. RT @PhyMathWorld.

Market Wire is a publication of Berkshire Hathaway:
Cannabis Science, Inc. a pioneering U.S. biotech company developing pharmaceutical cannabis (marijuana) products, is pleased to provide new photographs (pdf) of the existing treatment for patient three who has a “worst case” of treatment resistant, Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Cannabis Science has received positive feedback from both the patient and his Oncologist. These photos show the progressive reduction of the tumor masses that has occurred within the months of treatment. Oncologists have stated that this is the worst case of squamous cell carcinoma, and last week, the patient’s oncologist said the results from the topical cannabis extract are “astonishing.”
Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, a candidate for President running as a Libertarian, slammed current Governor Susana Martinez over her oppressive immigration stand according to the ABQ Journal Online.


More ecocide news

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water.

Zak Smith’s Blog:
This Week in Whales: 3,000 Dead Dolphins on Peru's Shores, Oil Exploration to Blame?; Oil Exploration Delayed in Gulf of Mexico to Protect Dolphins; Dolphins in Gulf Suffering from BP Spill...
From Earthjustice: send a message to President Obama.
In his State of the Union speech, President Obama promised that drilling and fracking for natural gas would happen "without putting the health and safety of our citizens at risk."
h/t Lynn from ThinkProgress:
Colorado’s hydrofracking boom — a technology that heavily relies on water — only adds additional strain as farmers and drillers bid for a scarce resource.
From Martin Kidston's environment beat posted in the Billings Gazette: USDA killed two million mammals in ten years dramatically altering ecosystems.

National Science Foundation:
The warmed grasslands also cycled nitrogen more rapidly. This should make more nitrogen available to plants, scientists believed, helping plants grow more. But instead much of the nitrogen was lost, converted to nitrogen gases in the atmosphere or leached out by rainfall washing through the soil.
The AP:
BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) - Government data show U.S. coal exports reached their highest level in two decades last year as strong overseas demand offered an outlet for a fuel that's falling from favor at home.


Regarding Mitt's penile implant

Ok, Ann Romney is not unattractive but she is diseased: a characteristic that likely leaves her acutely uninterested in sex. Her affinity with horses suggests that coregasms are at least theoretically possible so she doesn't need to have sex with Mitt:

Mitt is a powerful capitalist with needs:

...even Ann admits how stiff he is:

Penile implants are nearly ubiquitous for older men like Mitt and the procedure is covered by Massachusetts' RomneyCare.

If Romney isn't having an affair he is not fit to be President: it's just that simple.


RezErection 2012 (He IS risen)

Live from the Nevermind Club:


April 8, 2012 10:00 pm - April 9, 2012 3:00 am
Dirty Talk
April 14, 2012 10:00 pm - April 15, 2012 5:00 am
LIVE @ Nevermind
April 14, 2012 10:00 pm - April 15, 2012 5:00 am
April 20, 2012 10:00 pm - April 21, 2012 3:00 am
I'm Sexy and I Know It!

Start: April 8, 2012 10:00 pm
End: April 9, 2012 3:00 am
Venue: Nevermind Club
163 Oxford Street , Sydney, NSW, 2010, Australia
Cost: $25 Door

EMAIL ask@nevermindclub.com.au







Gov. Johnson says over 100 tons of opioids dispensed in 2010, calls Martinez "Palinesque"

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is running for president as a Libertarian.

In a Politico interview about the Veep rumors swirling around current NM Gov. Susana Martinez:
"This is a Sarah Palin-esque kind of choice. She’s served as governor of New Mexico for about the same amount of time,” Johnson said. “I think there were lessons learned [from 2008.]"
This morning he tweeted: "And the Feds are cracking down on #MMJ? Sheer idiocy."

USA Today:
The increases have coincided with a wave of overdose deaths, pharmacy robberies and other problems in New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Florida and other states. Opioid pain relievers, the category that includes oxycodone and hydrocodone, caused 14,800 overdose deaths in 2008, and the death toll is rising, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says.
Deaths from cannabis overdose? Zero. Deaths from the "War on Drugs?"

Pfizer is one interested party in the outcome of the SCOTUS review of ACA. From Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News:
On March 13, 2012, though, the Arthritis Advisory Committee to the FDA unanimously concluded that the potential benefits of anti-NGF drugs outweighed the risks associated with their use. They voted 21 to 0 to allow Pfizer and other developers to resume testing, despite cases of joint destruction and osteonecrosis associated with their use.


Working Assets: Justice Thomas ACA recusal petition

Credo is an affiliate of Working Assets. Sign petition here.

Amidst accusations of ethics violations, on the day that the Court decided to hear the challenge of the new health care law, Thomas and Justice Antonin Scalia were honored at a benefit put on by the same firm that is leading the challenge and the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. And Thomas' wife has received an undisclosed salary paid for by undisclosed donors as CEO of Liberty Central, a 501(c)(4) organization that was formed to take advantage of Citizens United rules and to play an active role in the 2010 elections. There is a clear appearance of a conflict of interest between his wife's clear financial stake in overturning the health care law and Justice Thomas' personal duty to exhibit the highest degree of discretion and impartiality.


Wyofile: sage grouse is canary in very large coal mine

Dustin Bleizeffer:
It is too late for the sage grouse in the Powder River Basin, said Tom Christiansen, sage grouse program coordinator for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.
No shit:

Jeremy Fugleberg from the Casper Trib:
Sage grouse in northeastern Wyoming are on the verge of extinction, hammered hard by a one-two punch from energy development and outbreaks of West Nile virus, according to a recently released U.S. Bureau of Land Management study.
h/t Lynn:
Activists have imposed a de facto moratorium on new coal—and beat the Obama EPA to the punch.
This week's Living on Earth has a segment on the future of coal as We the People seek to restrict carbon emissions from earth killers.

Montana's Supreme Court heard testimony today on the impact of oil and gas on critical habitat according to Helena-based Marnee Banks.


Earth haters push for more invasive species on public lands

Photo: George Wuerthner

Domestic livestock grazing is Hell on the Earth.

Waterways in the West are dying. It's something we expect in the chemical toilet; but now, We, the People stand to lose more watersheds to invasive species like Herefords and Angus if western earth haters get their way.

Rob Chaney tells readers of the Missoulian that pink slime producers want more grazing on lands already hurting after a century and a half of human-induced degradation:
Last week, Rep. Denny Rehberg, R-Mont., co-sponsored a bill that would double the length of grazing leases on federal land from 10 to 20 years. The Grazing Improvement Act of 2012 is needed, according to Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., because ranchers need protection from activists trying to block public-land grazing. “That would be us,” said Tom Woodbury of the Western Watersheds Group in Missoula. “That’s who he’s talking about.”
Stop the war on the West: call your Representative and kill this legislation.


Blanchard: pink slime no longer breeding

Crackers aren't breeding anymore.

Professor Ken Blanchard fled cultural diversity in Arkansas for the white enclaves of South Dakota; he is tenured at Northern State University. As a member of the earth hater party and the Church of the Holy Roman Kiddie Diddlers, he interminably defends their historic rape of people of color and their war on women.

His blog, South Dakota Politics is a journal of Kulturkampf that touts earth hatred and white rule. He mewls:
For more than a half century the left has relentlessly encouraged policies and celebrated lifestyles that result in population decline. This now undermines their desire for the growth of government spending. Europe is now facing the reckoning. We are only a little bit behind.
Progressives aren't mourning the population growth of American Indians, African-Americans, Asians, and Latinos who are producing offspring at higher rates than European-Americans are. To the contrary: evolution relies on diversity.


Mormons coming for tribes

At first it seemed like an early cruel April Fool's joke.

Larry EchoHawk, the first American Indian elected to a constitutional statewide office and a Democrat is leaving the Bureau of Indian Affairs to take a position on the Quorum of Seventy inside the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Rob Capriccioso divined the maneuver at Indian Country Today:
LDS leaders have praised Echo Hawk’s move, saying that said his new role shows that the religion is open to Democrats. In a presidential election year when Echo Hawk’s old boss, Obama, will likely square off against GOP frontrunner and popular Mormon Church member Mitt Romney, the politics of the situation will likely take on an added dimension.
The Seventy, of course, are all men and tasked to establish new stakes (parishes).