Sidearms for the pre-born!

The South Dakota Board on Geographic Names is asking for input to come up with new names for some Black Hills sites that contain the word "negro."--Aberdeen American News.
Gov. Denny Daugaard declares disaster: he called from the shitter.

The Vatican has declared a miracle after prayers to Hun German nun heal Colorado Springs boy.

RT @FakeArgusLeader Pat Powers: “Rènhé yǔyán de qúndài guānxì réngrán shì qúndài Nepotism”

Look at the bags under Gordon Howie's eyes and you can begin to appreciate the need for physician-assisted suicide.

I am so prescient:

RT @attackerman: The only thing that can stop a bad fetus with a gun is a good fetus with a gun.

RT @drgrist: You know what hurts fetuses? Mercury pollution. The same mercury pollution conservatives have been fighting for decades to protect.

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Bill Dithmer said...

Did you see this Larry? "If you see a mountain lion, a mountain lion track or a mountain lion kill outside the Black Hills fire protection district,
CALL ME IMMEDIATELY 605-381-3998 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
The Game Fish and Parks now allows legally licensed hunters to kill mountain lions all year, outside the Black Hills Fire Protection Area.
I will respond with a professional lion hunter to help protect your livestock, wildlife and family. There is no cost to you. We are simply interested in reasonable management of this predator."
Not legally he can't.
Fuck Gordon Howie with a square stick, again and again and again.

The Blindman

larry kurtz said...

Psychosis is just a river on Uranus, Bill.

larry kurtz said...

Psycho sis: Howie's hermana