Friday, July 22, 2011

Fans flock for Fleming film festival

Eric Lochbridge is the Rapid City Journal arts editor:
The festival, created by siblings Dylan and Bonny Fleming, doesn’t necessarily look for polished, scripted movies shot on high-grade equipment. The proliferation of basic digital video-recording devices and editing software in the past 10 years has given many people the ability to experiment with short films, and that paved the way for the 1345 festival. In its third year, the festival is moving from its previous location, Bonny Fleming’s driveway on Kansas City Street, to Art Alley in downtown Rapid City. The move takes the festival away from the address that gave it its name, but with more than 100 people in attendance last year, the Flemings decided it was time to step up to a bigger venue.
Bonny and Dylan are the offspring of grizzled, well-worn but well-meaning perennial blog commenter, Bill Fleming.

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