Ag group heralds death of ag

Steve Dick with Industrial Ag United brought his duct-taped dog and rendered pony show to the Rapid City Chamber Pot of Commerce. Andrea Cook sat for it then reported her close call with the End Days in the Journal:
Probably the biggest challenge confronting agriculture in South Dakota is the Humane Society, said Dick, adding that it should not be confused with local humane societies. Mary Williams, chairwoman of the Ag and Natural Resources Committee, said Wednesday’s message was an important one to hear. "There are outside groups that are putting tremendous pressure on agriculture by not telling the truth always and not realizing that every South Dakota ag producer puts 110 percent into what they do, which is doing a good job of growing wheat or taking care of their cattle and livestock," said Williams, who along with her husband, Myron, has a ranch near Wall.
Uh, Mr. Dick? Climate change and Monsanto are the biggest threats to your food supply. Go get a real job.

Ms. Williams? Growing wheat near Wall? The aquifer from which you're pumping to grow that shit is more imperiled by you than you and your stupid operation are by the Humane Society. The federal government bought the ground you farm from France who stole it from the real first families. Now you're bitching that you're losing "connection to the land?"

Gag me with a writ of caveat emptor.

Sell your equipment, give 'your' land back to the tribes, or lease it to the feds as part of the Greater Missouri Basin National Wildlife Refuge, then go live in Rapid City with the other white people.

Stupid fuckers.

Rewild the West.

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