South Dakota's forced birtherism and school guns embarrassing voters

South Dakota's tourism industry is bracing for the crush of bad press being generated by the state's red state legislature and the effects of climate change on its DC-dependent tax structure.

On International Women's Day, earth hater, now woman hater governor, Denny Daugaard moved closer to ending civil rights for women by signing HB1237.

The institutional assault on South Dakota's low income women continues: women who can afford it fly to Minneapolis, Omaha, or Denver to terminate their pregnancies.

Rep. Krusti Noem (earth hater-SD) and her Teabagger faction exposed themselves as the party that no longer represents a majority of the state's voters after their disgusting portrayal of women as breeders and easy targets of violence for her white male less-than-athletic supporters.

As the GOP collapses nationally, it is becoming increasingly likely that the majority of South Dakota's congressional seats and the governor's chair will be taken by Democrats.

South Dakota's standard-bearer, Senator Tim Johnson's power on Indian Affairs signifies the strong commitment to the tribes who are land-locked within the state that otherwise believes that the best Indians are deceased.
Curious ... Why do so many - including journos - call them Stephanie and Kristi, but you never hear John, Tim or Dennis? RT @jjperry_AAN
Red to blue 2014 has begun.


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