Andrew Shiers=Julie Gross (NE)

This guy hates Madison, too.

Julie Gross (NE), Robert X, or Al Johnson reads like a paranoid schizophrenic, a misogynist, a lecher, a white supremacist, an earth hater, a christofascist, and a bitter, angry ass. It wouldn't surprise me that child pornography would be found on his computer. That he is an instructor at a public university is an embarrassment to the people of South Dakota. He is trolling the blogs using a variety of pseudonyms including the name of a respected Madison, South Dakota administrator.

Andrew J Shiers was born in 1964. Andrew currently lives in Madison, South Dakota. Before that, Andrew lived in Kearney, NE from 1999 to 2009. Before that, Andrew lived in Madison, SD from 2005 to 2011. He is related to Karri Shiers, who is 36 years old and lives in Lincoln, NE. He is also related to Jeanne Golembiewski, who is 49 years old and lives in Grand Junction, CO.

This matter comes before the Department of Labor (Department) based on a Petition for Hearing on Grievance filed pursuant to SDCL 3-18-15.2. Grievant (Grievant) Andrew Shiers represents himself, pro se. Attorney James F. Shekleton represents Respondents, South Dakota Board of Regents and Dakota State University (Respondents). The Petition for Hearing was filed with the Department on September 13, 2010.

His internet course was okay, but he could have done a better job on his lecture videos. He is slow to give feedback on assignments and tests.

he thinks hes hilarious but hes not :(

Real great guy but he has a one tracked teaching approach. If you learn different than how he teaches you are completely out of luck. I do well in his classes but I see people I know to be good students struggle. Mostly he will assign something then not collect it or collect an assignment that almost no one heard him assign or did not know to

Was extremely unclear as what he wanted us to do for assignments. Would often ask us to do problems and then not collect the work, or not ask us to do the problems and then collect the work. It was extremely difficult to know what to do for the class. Would not recommend.

I liked Shiers, mostly. Things that he did that bothered me: didn't explain material well, and let a girl retake a quiz and not a boy when both had similar circumstances for missing it. That really bothered me. He can also be mean sometimes.

Couldn't teach you how to tie your shoelaces. Maybe it was just the stupid and irrelevant class.

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