Noem House seat vulnerable in 2014

Public Policy Polling has just released findings that show Rep. Krusti Noem (earth hater-SD) would lose the seat she holds to Democratic former House member Stephanie Herseth Sandlin: a popular figure getting a 52/37 favorability rating with 30% of earth haters who would cross over to support SHS. From Tom Jensen at PPP:
South Dakota might be next on the list of states where Republicans have a bruising Senate primary. Herseth Sandlin would lead Noem 48/47 in a rematch of their 2010 contest, and would start out trailing Rounds by a 49/44 margin.
Noem has been asking young white people to join her campaign to help defend, at taxpayer expense, the seat she holds. She is whoring for donations in safe settings and wants the federal government to spend more in her failed red state yet has no clue where she will get the money.

As charges mount against former Governor Mike Rounds expect his numbers to begin to plummet.

More on the tribal nations' lawsuits at ACLU.


Unknown said...

sure hope she is vulnerable. People have to wake up

larry kurtz said...

Think Robinson can get the word out, Owen?