Rand Paul: local control key to legal cannabis, updated

We Democrats would be foolish not to cheer Sen. Rand Paul (earth hater-KY) as he packs thermite into the basement of his party's world trade center.

Sen. Paul wants legal GMO hemp: is that want America wants?

Cannabis is already a 35 billion dollar crop in the US.

Most cannactivists see the future of the business as a synthesis of the cannabis equivalents of organic microbreweries, vintners, and greenhouses rolled into (heh heh) cottage industries that can withstand fiduciary and insurance requirements without large corporations running the show.

Recall that California's Prop 19 went down because growers didn't then, and don't now, want to cede control of strains to the state.

Comes this from Doug Fine posted at AlterNet. He talked to a grower named Mark who said:
“It’ll be the end of the small farmer,” he told me. “Foks’ll [sic] be buying packages of joints made by Coors or Marlboro.” Section 40 of Title 27 of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau’s regulations has 534 subsections. If a black-market farmer is simply churning out quick turnaround, pesticide-heavy, indoor-grown popcorn buds to pay the mortgage, that farmer is going to lose out to Coors-style mass-produced cannabis, because he’s essentially growing a Coors-quality product already.
Danger, though, lurks in other places besides Big Tobacco and Alcohol for the small post-drug war cannabis farmer. The first few years of federal drug peace will be the best of times and the worst of times for the independent cannabis farmer. Just as the end of alcohol Prohibition put bootleggers out of business, the question of who will snatch the cannabis market when the cartels are pulled out of the equation is ultimately up to America’s 100 million cannabis consumers.
We are a litigious society: ways to generate revenue for states can be hammered out in committee in each state legislature to head off some of the torts likely following enactment and to guide law enforcement using most of the same language that governs alcohol use.

Patients seeking cannabis as medicine can be seen by a health care provider and be excused from paying the excise taxes.

Anyone who doesn't see the consequences of Citizens United as guaranteed free speech telegraphed into cannabis law is blind.


freegan said...

FDA approves first GMO flu vaccine containing reprogrammed insect virus

Duffer said...

The defeat of legalization in California was the result of conflict within the cannabis community. Difficult to win when you can't solidify your base.

MMJ dispensary owners did not want legalization, and still don't. Steve DeAngelo embodies that argument.

We'd all like to own a business where the law funneled customers to our door-step, wouldn't we?

Following WA and CO efforts - they are still arguing here.

The silence from Foggy Bottom is deafening.