Jackley and red state failure: SD polizei get more weapons to incarcerate non-whites

Cannabis use is protected by the First and Ninth Amendments: even Sen. Rand Paul (earth hater-KY) believes as much. He just called his party, "stale and moss-covered."

420 alert eastbound I-90 South Dakota! Avoid eastbound US14 through Huron, too.

Aggressive law enforcement using dogs as weapons! If traverse of this oppressive police state is unavoidable rent vehicles without West Coast or BC license plates, inspect vehicles for faulty equipment, obey all traffic laws, and remove batteries from your phones.

Copy then paste the above warning to Craigslist in the Pacific Northwest, California, Montana, and Colorado or to your favorite online forum and bulletin board.

Persons of color are strictly profiled. Be aware. White legislators belonging to American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) were greased by the Koch Brothers in 1999: From Edwin Bender at Follow the Money:
"The busiest Task Force was Criminal Justice, which had 199 bills introduced. The anti-crime legislation with the most enactments was the Truth in Sentencing Act (inmates serve at least 85 percent of their sentence), which became law in 25 states." Those states were Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming.
Per capita, the state incarcerates more non-white men than nearly any other in the US...but it's not enough: now cops are getting more weapons to harass and arrest people of color turning economic refugees into felons.

From the RCJ:
The South Dakota Highway Patrol will receive $212,500 from the state’s Drug Control Fund to assist in drug-control operations. The money will be used for weapon upgrades, service-dog equipment and additional equipment, according to Attorney General Marty Jackley. Jackley said the patrol contributes substantially to the drug-control fund.
South Dakota is still fighting the Battle of Wounded Knee.


Anonymous said...

They will pull anyone over anytime without a reason then make one up as they have done with my family. I have a Montana plate and long hair/beard. He then noticed a small crack in my windshield and stated I seemed nervous because "a artery in my neck was pulsating". I will never drive through that "Police"state again

Anonymous said...

Sorry my previous entry makes no sense,I should have stated that I was pulled over for a having Montana plates in combination with long hair /beard. As the officer approached the car he notice a small crack in the windsheild and wrote me a warning and then used the weaponized dog to "make it legal" to search my families belongings.His excuse for pulling me over was a tiny crack in thre top corner of my windsheild. The S.D. law states that the crack must cause "Substantial"view impairment.It causes no impairment and we are arguing the legality of being pulled over in court.

Duffer said...

Judges (a while back) started ignoring the sanctity of several Ammendments if the end(s) justified the means (of the search/arrest).

That's interesting.

What has been similarly interesting is the lack of response to these stops/searches by the deep pocket guys suffering (also illegal) asset forfeiture. They ought to be able to cmpensate a Rottweiler attorney to represent their interests in court (anonymously). WTF?

You got a case, hell - everyone has a case. Go for it.

larry kurtz said...

Taking cases to trial rather than copping a plea was central to Michelle Alexander's presentation. Fiona Apple was recently popped in Texas: sounds like she's going to fight it.

larry kurtz said...

"Whether or not policymakers care about the fairness of a system that punishes and stigmatizes people for small-time pot possession, they should be interested in the value of deploying law enforcement resources for marijuana possession." ACLU

Anonymous said...



Stan Gibilisco said...

Makes me remember my one and only DUI arrest, in Sarasota, Florida, back in 1987.

They threw me in jail overnight and I got to share a two-man cell with four other men, all black.

Matter of fact, nearly everyone in that whole jailhouse was black.

When I got in there with them, one of them asked me, "What are you doing here with the likes of us?"

I told them.

Another one asked me, "Do you believe in Jesus?"

I said that my whole life was a shambles and Jesus was just about all I had left.

They were cool with that. We got along fine.

My last drink was in 1988.

larry kurtz said...

Cool story, Stan: thanks for sharing it.