Brookings still financing research park, earth hatred

Okay: it's the home of far too many old, fat, white people already; so, why would any business locate in The Peoples' Republic of Brookings anyway? Councilor Jael Thorpe wonders whether the town even has a future.
“I like the direction you’re heading,” Thorpe told Jay Bender and Dwaine Chapel, “but when does the subsidy stop?” Bender, who heads the Growth Partnership, parent organization for the Research Park at SDSU, gave an equally straightforward answer: “We’re projecting seven to 10 years, at which time there should be enough rental income to reduce our requests. The short and the long answer, Jael, is that at this moment we need your help.”--Ken Curley, Brookings Register.
Let's see: the town owns the liquor store, the water, the phone company, the power company, the golf course....

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