Capitalism killing California cropland...continued

When my dad visited us in Spearditch he was able to see how most of the fertile land in LawCo was incrementally being covered with concrete and housing for white people. He wept as shelter belts were cleared and water pumped from fragile aquifers for the industrial agriculture now killing his once-beloved Brookings County.

South Dakota is hardly the only state where the production of food crops is being destroyed:
California's Asian community is fed, often quite literally, by Chinese farmers on the fringes of San Francisco. But as Silicon Valley expands, those farmers living and working on small farms near growing cities are being squeezed out by economic growth. In the meantime, Greenbelt Alliance has played a role in designing San Jose’s general plan update, approved last November, which would safeguard urban reserves in southern San Jose as wildlife corridors and ranching and agricultural lands through the year 2040.--Li Miao Lovett, Public Radio International.

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