More earth haters want legalization

Oh, yeah: the First Amendment is first.

Andrew Shiers=Julie Gross (NE).

The libertarian wing of the earth hating Republican Party saw the light years ago, now mainstream GOPers are hitting the bong:
Ken Cuccinelli was in unfriendly territory when he stepped to the podium in a sloping auditorium at the University of Virginia on Feb. 6. But the commonwealth’s attorney general disarmed his audience by citing the “fascinating experiment” underway in Colorado and Washington, states where voters legalized marijuana in landmark referendums last fall. A softer stance could also help Republicans compete for young voters, who overwhelming favor legalization and who fled the party in recent presidential elections. “It’s one of the easier things for them to do,” says Larry Sabato, the University of Virginia political scientist whose class Cuccinelli visited. --Alex Altman, Time.
Disclosure: I am long PHOT.

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