Don't forget to spring ahead


Anonymous said...

UN: Colo., Wash. legal pot violates drug treaties

Larry,how do you like the UN now ?

larry kurtz said...

Yeah, saw that. The UN is US.

Duffer said...

Obama/Biden are looking for (cover) - they will use the U.N., and (former) DEA chiefs as ammo to coerce WA and CO to back off. Think?

Trouble is . . . the smart folks in CO voted in a bona-fide constitutional ammendment. How the heck do the Feds suppress that?

At this point hopefuls are all about pessimism. That D.C. Court decision a while back - that ignored tons of reality and would have forced the DEA back to the table - spoke volumes to this doubter.

Holder continues to withold comment. Hmmmmm . . .