Lee CEO compensated for supporting right wing; Red Cry trailer posted

The Sioux City Journal and its parent company are earth haters' wet dreams.

This mention came in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch 11 January:
Lee, owner of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and 50 other newspapers, lost $16.7 million in the fiscal year ended Sept. 30. It had lost $146.9 million the previous fiscal year. The stock price rose 88 percent during fiscal 2012, with most of the increase coming as Lee completed the refinancing.
After her company's stock lost half its value, Jim Romenesko's story on Lee Enterprises CEO Mary Junck's pay raise rolled through the twitterverse yesterday like a bowling ball.

So far this morning none of her right-leaning papers followed by this former shareholder (I shorted at 1.62 just before it plummeted to near $1.00) have not run Romenesko's findings. He says:
Mary Junck, chief executive officer: $2,093,267, up 82% from fiscal 2011. Carl Schmidt, chief financial officer and treasurer: $905,969, up 48% from fiscal 2011. Kevin Mowbray, vice president, publishing: $591,607, up 33% from fiscal 2011. Greg Veon, vice president, publishing: $450,342, up 13% from fiscal 2011. Michael Gulledge, vice president, sales and marketing: $526,697, up 76% from fiscal 2011.
The Bismarck Tribune supported earth haters Willard Romney and Rick Berg. The Rapid City Journal also supported only earth haters, as did the Sioux City Journal.

Some, but not all of the Lee Newspapers of Montana supported Democrat Jon Tester while endorsing the white Mormon for president.

The Casper Star-Tribune threw President Obama under the coal hauler while the Lincoln Journal-Star supported both the President and former senator Democrat Bob Kerrey.

Following a tiny rebound LEE stock tumbled Friday and after hours.

From my inbox: Red Cry.

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