Lalley: more coming on South Dakota's violations of Indian Child Welfare Act

Wow, Denny Daugaard is sure having a crappy week: everything seems to be blowing up in his face.

100 Eyes on South Dakota Politics host and editor of the Sioux Falls Argus Leader, Patrick Lalley responded to a question about whether there has been any word on the Rounds/Daugaard administrations violations of the Indian Child Welfare Act.

He opined at great length about his paper's coverage of the Indian Health Service that received little attention while NPR's coverage of apparent crimes elicited the "wetting of pants" and referred to parts of the two stories from Laura Sullivan as "muckraking."

He went on to say that yes, Governor Dennis Daugaard's tenure at the School for the Deaf is under review and much more is coming out about the offenses.

Jonathan Ellis and David Montgomery added telling details of the upcoming election season. Ellis believes that Rep. Kristi Noem will defend the US House she holds and he expects a primary challenger to her from the Right. Montgomery mentioned that Larry Rhoden has been rumored as a primary contender for either Mike Rounds or for the governor's chair now held by Daugaard.

More to come.

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