Rep. Hoffman: transparency bad for business

South Dakota's legislature is opaque.

Clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed, one legislator shielding the red state body from sunlight is Rep. Charlie Hoffman (earth hater-23). This comment attributed to him appeared at the War Toilet:

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If any of your readers want to find out how the ACLU operates go to the Judiciary committee hearing from February 20th and listen to all of the testimony on SB36. The level of malice intended for a legal business providing material to the State of SD involving drugs used in lethal injections for executions was made quite evident by our Attorney General. If SD does not protect intellectual property rights of those doing business with us business’s [sic] will discontinue doing business with SD.
South Dakotans sure are some bloodthirsty, barbaric, savage, malevolent christians.

Nebraska could repeal its death penalty while North Dakota has never adopted it:
Nebraska would become the 18th state in the United States to abolish the death penalty under a bill introduced by Sen. Ernie Chambers of Omaha.
The Legislature’s Judiciary Committee heard testimony March 13 on LB 543. 
The bill would get rid of the death penalty in the state and replace it with life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.
Nebraska has executed three people since 1976 when the U.S. Supreme Court allowed the resumption of executions after a two-year moratorium. There are currently 11 inmates on death row in the state.
--Joseph Moore Nebraska News Service, Chadron Community, Rapid City Journal.
Maryland just voted to end capital punishment in that state.

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