Democrats running for governor in Minnesota own cannabis legalization

Legal cannabis has become a favorite in Minnesota's Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party gubernatorial primary.

Even so-called 'moderate Democrats' are on board.
St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman, state Reps. Erin Murphy, Tina Liebling and Paul Thissen, and U.S. Rep. Tim Walz all support legalizing marijuana for recreational and not just medical use. “When you confront the reality of the cost of criminalization vs. the benefits of legalization, I think the benefits outweigh the costs,” said Coleman, whose campaign approached the Star Tribune to discuss the issue. The candidates’ sudden embrace of marijuana legalization underscores how quickly the issue is moving and illustrates the rapid changes underway in the DFL Party. Coleman said Minnesota should prepare for the inevitable and be ready to capture the benefits of legalization like tax revenue and new jobs, while mitigating the costs, including addiction and traffic safety. [Minneapolis Star Tribune]
How ironic that Litchfield could become an adult cannabis tourism destination.

Even South Dakota's more forward-looking neighbor to the north is growing interest in cannabis as therapy.

North Dakota voters passed Measure 5 in 2016 and this year the legislature drafted rules then a Republican governor signed it into law. Her Dem-NPL Party supports the decriminalization and regulation of cannabis.

New Mexico's Democratic gubernatorial candidates all laud that state's cannabis initiative.

Democrats are keenly aware that to energize millennials and a jaded base radical times call for sensible approaches to reforms of civil liberties for all adults even if it means enduring some feces-throwing from the earth hater Big Food, Big Booze, Big Pharma, NFL set.

If only South Dakota Democrats could find the balls (that some spend a boatload to remove) to go do it.

As another brutal winter begins its descent on the Great Plains leaving residents on the verge of suicide this writer still sees some hope for the frozen tundra.

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