Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Gohn is not what she says she is

This columnist is not convinced a person's sexual preference is determined at conception or at birth.

I have lived with or near more LGBTQ people than many have and every story is different: from hatred of a parent to exposure to hormone-producing environmental contaminants. Even embarrassment because of the absence of a circumcision has been cited.

Women bullied or abused by parents for most of their adolescence and men growing up with cold or absent fathers have been reasons given for personal choices.
Miranda Gohn is not looking to lead a movement. Her life is too private for that. The 51-year-old Aberdeen native, who was born with male anatomy but underwent sex reassignment surgery and lives as a female, planned to buy a home in Sioux Falls but has changed course and will reside in the Twin Cities. A few months ago, she saw her father for the first time in 15 years, a nervous reunion for both. He refused to call her Miranda and asked if she regretted what she had done. Gohn responded that she did not. [Sioux Falls Argus Leader]
For someone who says she's private and isn't looking to lead a movement Gohn has become a serial internet troll. She is a rabid anti-cannabis crusader who believes ten year olds can declare their gender identities but adults have no cannabis rights.

Born Jonathan (Jon) Gohn says she's a Democrat but that's a lie, too.
So, legalization initiatives have a clear Democratic benefit. Democratic-leaning voters, who otherwise might have stayed home, could turn out to vote on marijuana reform. Some may leave other parts of the ballot blank, but Democrats could see a meaningful benefit overall. In a race that is close, a few thousand votes here or there could force an incumbent Republican Senator to pack up his office or shift a state’s electoral votes from red to blue. [Brookings Institution]
The perceived evils surrounding cannabis already exist but continuing to reward a black market is neither conservative nor sustainable. Unrestrained capitalism has killed millions during the war on drugs with zero results: a moral hazard instead of self-reliance.

Despite lies from SDGOP video lootery, payday loan sharks, domestic violence and homelessness are inextricably linked putting children at risk to more catastrophic consequences far more often than has happened in states that have legalized or lessened penalties for casual use of cannabis.

I began life left-handed but my father switched me because his experience in the military taught him the Service was geared for the right-handed. Although I've never had sexual contact with another man in 63 years there was a time when androgyny seemed right for me.

Minnesota has legalized cannabis for some therapies and is now studying its sex industry.

Maybe Miranda can find a job as an escort.


happy camper said...

Is she previously known as Lynn your former antagonist on the same issue? My heart aches for people with sexual identity issues. Live and let live, but I agree not enough is understood about their condition. For that matter not enough is understood about the straight condition, but my former boyfriend (I'm gay) was molested by his older brother, who also molested his other two brothers and sister. All three boys identify as gay what are the odds of that? The molester, who I suspect was also molested by his older friends, got married and had children. It was a very sad family history, but my point is while gay activists wanted to point to things like the size of the hypothalamus to say there were physical differences, my friend's history tell me all of this is much more complicated, not that it should be any reason to treat someone disrespectfully, but also not a reason to insist we understand transexualism enough to say they were born that way and that transition is their only way to happiness.

larry kurtz said...

Yes, Miranda is Lynn. Most anthropologists say since humanity was nearly wiped out this behavior is genetically predisposed and only became taboo after the advent of Protestantism. It's difficult to imagine an omniscient god creating humanity from one pair and not expecting inbreeding or experimentation.

Thanks for the comment and the hints as to your identity.

larry kurtz said...

BTW, Hap: how do you feel about the word, "homosexual" as a descriptor?

Anonymous said...

Tip of the day it is all a ruse and there is no one by that name.
Dick Wadhams

JohnSD said...

It seems too binary. I met this wonderful woman she and I are so totally open with each other, but after attaching the label homosexual to myself for all these years, it scares me to think it was just love and I don't really understand attraction. But biology is obviously a critical part. It's fun to watch these old videos of ELO and Sweet, long hair was so androgynous, oh how my mother hated it. Older generations were so much more comfortable separating the two.

JohnSD said...

I wonder in some ways if that is the reason the two of you had such a dispute. Lynn needed to see the differences but you less so.

JohnSD said...

I suppose I'm saying that some people have the benefit of knowing they are one thing or the other, and that those with the burden of difference may not be strong enough to understand that burden, so they reach out for the obvious difference to alleviate their discomfort.

larry kurtz said...

Thanks, John. One human failing is enduring a life full of regrets like Miranda does. Always good to hear from you!

larry kurtz said...

Living Blue in South Dakota was thrust into the politics spotlight after musing over Tim Bjorkland's rather conservative stands on traditionally progressives issues.
Miranda Gohn wrote at their Facebook page: "Larry I don't do drugs and my circle of friends have no interest in them either so I won't attempt to get into your mind but what you wrote about me is funny."

In fact, Gohn does more drugs than most of us: estrogen, antiretrovirals, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotics, anti-depressants...what else, Miranda? Your liver must look like a wad of pork sausage. That you've chosen to alter your consciousness and your body in ways only the rest of can imagine is hypocrisy none of us could ever comprehend.

larry kurtz said...

Could someone at DWC ask Gohn how surgical genital mutilation is an acceptable solution for gender dysphoria while other asymmetrical therapies are taboo?

larry kurtz said...

Gohn has been embraced by the extreme wrong wing of the South Dakota Republican Party because of her lip lock on Pat Powers' corndog. Pat's Place is a sewer where plumbers trying to curb the stench are turned away.