Mercer suffering lapses in judgement

For some reason Bob Mercer felt compelled to tell readers in an op/ed he's an objective journalist but in a bizarre reference he completely contradicts himself.
I purposely don’t register to vote, because I don’t want to be tempted to vote, at least not while I’m still a newspaper reporter. The affair Bill Clinton later had, as president, in the White House, sealed that question. I never trusted [Hillary Clinton] again. [Bob Mercer]
Mercer is the only reporter covering South Dakota state government full time; and, he's a member of the Church of the Holy Roman Kiddie Diddlers.

The history of the Roman Church in the New World is fraught with crimes committed by clergy from Columbus in 1492 and Spanish colonialism to Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2017.
The standards of Jesus Christ, to treat others with respect and dignity and to care for one another as Christ has loved us. I'm not exactly sure what you want me to say, other than we expect appropriate behavior by all priests, all employees of the church, all lay people who act in the name of the church. [Sioux Falls cleric, Paul Swain, How The Diocese Handled Sexual Harassment Allegations]
Jesus of Nazareth cavorted with prostitutes and had multiple dalliances with other men. Jesus Christ is a myth created in Roman Judaea as a means to weaken the grip of an empire in the eastern Mediterranean and to counter the rise of middle Eastern traditions.
In a step toward accountability long demanded by survivors of sexual abuse at the of hands Roman Catholic clergy, the Archdiocese of Santa Fe on Tuesday released a list of 74 priests, deacons and brothers who it says have been credibly accused of sexual misconduct over the last several decades. [Santa Fe New Mexican]
The sale of Blue Cloud Abbey near Watertown sought to pay for years of sex abuse at the hands of catholic clergy covered up by South Dakota's legislature while it was taking millions in federal dollars, violating the Indian Child Welfare Act and flouting the Bad Man Clause.

A Google search found exactly zero articles where Bob Mercer covered clergy crimes or the Church's lobbying power in Pierre and the legislature. In fact, in one story he praised a lawmaker who covered up clergy crimes and sponsored legislation for earth haters who were his benefactors. Bob can't come right out and say the town is awash in corruption because he's been told he and his family are in danger if he does. If he implicates a player he knows he will lose his access.

Mercer is in his late fifties and like Brock Greenfield he's immune from the facts and suffering from multiple health issues that have not only curtailed his coverage of the news but have apparently clouded his judgement.

Maybe it's time he admits he's part of the vast wrong-wing conspiracy, leaves the news business, prays the Rosary and simply forgets the truth about his church.


Duffer said...

Read, and re-read, his quote here. I can't connect the dots in his logic progression. How does one progress from his philosophy of voting/not voting to Bill Clinton getting a nob job in the oval office to (never trusting Hilary again)?

As if anyone can make sense out of anything these nutbags have to say . . .

larry kurtz said...

Exactly. His entire column reads like that. Katy Tur said on NPR the other day that she doesn't vote, either. Journos not voting in primaries makes some sense but unaffiliated registrants can vote in general elections just like normal people do. David Montgomery says he votes in the general why not Mercer?

Duffer said...

Possibly his attempt to report on the EB5 fiasco left him thus . . . a babbling idiot. This is one dude you'd just as soon not see vote. Katy Tur - ? Brain-softening contagion.

larry kurtz said...

Mercer is another patient who would find therapeutic cannabis helpful in letting go of the culture of corruption in Pierre as would Cory Heidelberger and Miranda Gohn.