Claim: SDSU campus cop brutalized daughters of cannabis advocate

According to several Facebook posts Melissa Mentele is alleging her daughter, a senior at Emery High School, suffered multiple scrapes, bruises and dislocated bones in her hand after a campus cop accosted her and her sister on the South Dakota State University campus.
People are strange. If you want to see some under the rock dwellers take a look at some of the comments on the news stories. We stopped after we remembered you can't cure stupid. The Brookings paper has some interesting comments from members of the community... scary stuff. [Mentele, Facebook post]
Citing violation of a campus curfew the baby cop allegedly told the group to sit and forced the younger daughter to the ground because she couldn’t sit due to a recent knee injury. The older daughter could face an obstruction charge for trying to intervene.

A Google search finds no evidence of a curfew on campus. Nothing posted at University Police links to a curfew.

The alleged abuser, Jason Baker, is the subject of an investigation being conducted both internally and with an outside agency now confirmed as the state Division of Criminal Investigation. Officials refuse to say why the girls were stopped or questioned or where the incident took place. Comments on Mentele's Facebook post cite other instances where Baker acted with excessive force.

Mentele, whose original Facebook post about the incident has over 2,100 shares, said her family plans to pursue civil and criminal charges. She has been a candidate for a seat in the earth hater-glutted state legislature and is currently circulating petitions to reform South Dakota's draconian cannabis laws.

Violence perpetrated by South Dakota cops is commonplace. State troopers hired by Energy Transfer Partners brutalized peaceful demonstrators during the construction of the Dakota Excess Pipeline and routinely profile travelers from cannabis-friendly states. The Rapid City Police Department is infamous for arresting and shooting American Indians.

South Dakota has become an increasingly violent place under single-party rule as residents are drained by the state's regressive tax structure. So-called law enforcement officers in South Dakota are being tried and convicted of embezzlement and violent crimes motivated by nefarious behavior by state Republican higher-ups gone unchecked.

Recall Brady Folkens died in state custody after the Brookings Police Department coerced his mother into committing him to a Black Hills boot camp.

While rates have come down after pressure from the Obama Administration South Dakota still incarcerates more kids than any other state.

Brookings, once a bulwark of progressive thought, was voted one of the worst towns in the state by readers of interested party. The town has descended into becoming the home to South Dakota's most offensive political blogger.

Brookings County has been ravaged by Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) and is ground zero for environmental degradation in eastern South Dakota.

Cops' lives suck. Little wonder they abuse their families, alcohol, drugs, food, power, detainees and occasionally murder their wives.

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