Friday, August 24, 2012

Powers, South Dakotans rejoice at more killings

And then there were three scheduled for crucifixion in Sioux Falls.

If it ain't guns, it's a hangin'

Republican heart-throb Attorney General Marty Jackley, the darling of the prison/industrial complex in crime-ravaged South Dakota and fresh off investigating PPgate, pronounced that he will soon host an announcement to announce the annihilation of a 22-year veteran of death row.

This blurb appeared in the Sioux Falls Argus Leader:
A court hearing is scheduled for Wednesday in Sioux Falls to set the execution date. Jackley said in a news release that he will request the date be set within 90 to 120 days.
Sure, I believe that state-imposed capital punishment is nothing short of torture; but, this Moeller guy is a slimeball and slicing his brain up after a lethal injection would likely expose an industry quizzically calling itself Corrections (they apparently failed at correcting Donald...right?) as just another red state perp contemplating the refusal of Medicaid in an era when access to free mental health care should have been included in the Affordable Care Act during the first go-round.

Formerly influential blogger, Pat Powers is now officially persona non grata even among the earth hater party in South Dakota. Out of boredom and poor blog traffic he has recently been trolling progressive blogs using a multitude of pseudonyms.

Whad'ya think: should he donate his brain to science? Readers of interested party believe so unanimously #donaldmoellersbrain


Anne said...

You called attention to that dust up at South Dakota Magazine when this so-called Gross person went after Cory H. I was very, very surprised that Bernie allowed her/his comments. And I have worked in an office where a number of people who frequent have noted PP posting comments, particularly on his own blog. But when the SD magazine thing came out, one of the people in our office said he thought that PP's fellow gang-member Jones might be the Gross one. The line of attack is the same one that Jones has unleashed on people he hates for some reason or other. And he has been one of PP's defenders, aside from PP himself.

larry kurtz said...

Anne: Troy and I have back channel conversations periodically. It's not that he is not intellectually incapable of such subterfuge, but seems so out of character for him.

Pat, on the other hand, is incapable of empathy on any level and would engage in such behavior without provocation just to watch the blood.

Thank you for visiting over here: i'm nutz, you know.

Anne said...

I agree about PP. I am in state only a few days a month now, but have worked in an office that involves much legal activity. I became aware that some lawyers were looking at some matters at the War Toilet for a possible law suit, but did not find there was much any money for an adequate settlement and were concerned about what would happen to the number of dependents who would be affected. Just about this time, PP started deleted posts and editing out material. He did make some comments on other blogs which he could not delete and they were libelous. In some cases, Mr. Jones participated in the threads and brought himself into question as to his level of participation. I did not add above that the people who have monitored this also said that Gross did not seem to be Jones because she did not commit the constant kind of sentence errors Jones does in his comments. But they have wondered why he spends so much time on Cory's blog instead of contributing to the War Toilet, assuming his aim is to disrupt the conservations there one way or another.

Anne said...

conversations not conservations--a bit Freudian I guess.