Pat Duffy walks on

Update, 13 May: Patrick Duffy obit in the Rapid City Journal linked here.


What a shocker! Pat Duffy commented on a local blog just hours ago. He was 58.
“Lift” should be “life.” No pun intended. [comment, Pat Duffy]
He represented Pete Larson in the Sue dinosaur case.

When media in South Dakota need a Democrat in the state to speak about actions in Congress they have nobody to call. It won't be Rick Weiland or Pat Duffy or Bernie Hunhoff or even Bob Burns and it certainly won't be South Dakota Democratic Party's new chair, Ann Tornberg or vice-chair, Joe Lowe.
Epidemic civic illiteracy in both parties fuels this largely pointless political combat that has raged for decades. Whether the head of a state political party supports or resists Roe and its progeny means nothing in jurisprudential reality, but almost everything in political reality. -- Patrick Duffy.
KELO teevee chooses to quote Al Franken (D-MN) when it needs a statement.

So, who will it be? Cory Heidelberger? Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether? Anyone? Bueller?

When there are Democratic Party chairs in Harding, Butte, Ziebach, Corson, Clark, Douglas, Faulk, Haakon, Hutchinson, Jackson, Jones, Potter, Sully, and Todd Counties i will think about sending another fucking cent to a South Dakota Democrat.
Oglala Lakota Tribe officials passed a resolution banning Rapid City lawyer Patrick Duffy from the Pine Ridge Reservation, after Duffy hired on to defend a Philip man charged with disorderly conduct for behavior toward Native Americans at a hockey game. Duffy couldn't be reached for comment on this story. [Kevin Woster, Tribe Bans Lawyer Representing Man Charged In Hockey Game Incident]
Editor's note: Woster is married to Mary Garrigan, Duffy's ex-wife.

Sad to watch the earth hater SDGOP establishment chortling over the loss of a prominent Democrat.

Read the Rapid City Journal piece linked here.

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