Friday, May 1, 2015

Larson dinosaur case pits earth haters against each other

The sixth annual Black Hills Film Festival (BHFF) opens at Rapid City's Elks Theatre on May 6 and expects to screen more than 30 films, documentaries, shorts and feature films from South Dakota. Hill City will show films at three venues.
Pete Larson has discovered thousands of fossils around the world, co-authored three books and led the team that unearthed the largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus rex ever found. But there's one black mark on his record: a federal conviction that landed him in prison almost 20 years ago. [Casper Star-Tribune]
At first, it was Pat Duffy v. Kevin Schieffer but now it's earth hater on earth hater:
"It's possible that he was overzealously prosecuted but yet guilty of the crimes on which he was found guilty of," said Rep. Mark Mickelson, R-Sioux Falls. Neither he nor fellow Republican Rep. Lee Schoenbeck, of Watertown, has seen the film. "Unless it had a detailed review of the criminal investigation file, I probably wouldn't spend my time watching it," Schoenbeck said. "There is no chance that any legislators knew the details of that criminal case that would warrant them for voting for that resolution." Rep. Mike Verichio, a Republican from Larson's home of Hill City, said he introduced the resolution after an outpouring of requests from constituents who had watched the documentary and thought Larson was unjustly imprisoned. [Casper Star-Tribune]

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