White conservatives in breeder panic!

Red to blue Obama super PAC commits to Democrat wins: Mother Jones.

Crackers and wasicu aren't breeding anymore.

The earth hater party and the Church of the Holy Roman Kiddie Diddlers interminably defend their historic rape of people of color and their war on women while Kulturkampf touts earth hatred supported by white man rule.

Recall Ken Blanchard's lament:
For more than a half century the left has relentlessly encouraged policies and celebrated lifestyles that result in population decline. This now undermines their desire for the growth of government spending. Europe is now facing the reckoning. We are only a little bit behind.
Now comes this from Irin Carmon writing in Salon:
We are in a moment of partial Republican self-examination, in which certain party reformers are facing the fact that there just aren’t enough white voters to keep them in power — a demographic problem! And every conversation about how allegedly unsustainable Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are, for one reason or another, mainstreams the pressure to radically cut its benefits or reshape it to the whims of the market. What better way to reclaim the narrative, to change the subject from the inconvenient autonomy of women, than to claim that all of this contracepting is bringing on the decline of America for all?
Progressives aren't mourning the population growth of American Indians, African-Americans, Asians, and Latinos who are producing offspring at higher rates than European-Americans are. To the contrary: evolution relies on diversity.

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