Hey, Kelley: the grid is over

Don Kelley is a cool guy: as a fellow Kucinich watcher on a western South Dakota burro, windmills often become mutually quixotic destinations.

With nurse and partner, Kim, the Vietnam-era former pathologist has built a small farm along one Black Hills elk migration route within prime mushroom habitat just off the Merritt Estes Road between US385 and the Nemo Road on the border of Pennington and Lawrence Counties.

He has penned a respectful piece in the Rapid City Journal urging his pathetic red state legislature to authorize net-metering for those generating their own electricity. Here's one paragraph:
Dakota Rural Action is introducing a bill (House Bill 1207) to bring South Dakota into the company of the other 46 states which have implemented a "net metering" policy. This would provide that surplus kilowatt-hours of electricity sent back to the utility by a customer with private generating capacity would cancel the same number of kilowatt-hours which that customer had purchased from the utility. At present, South Dakota utilities pay only the "avoided cost," minimal rate for such electricity sent to them, at a fraction of the amount they charge customers for the same quantity of energy.
Wow, a Democrat wanting to promote self-reliance while propping up the grid for a bunch of fucking Republicans: the guy is a saint.

Oh yeah, he loves The Mother and my daughters, too.

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