KXL death rattle heard

Joe Romm of Climate Progress says that Secretary of State John Kerry sounds like he will recommend to President Barack Obama that the proposed Keystone XL pipeline be rejected.
"We share nothing so completely as our planet." That was a key message in John Kerry's first major address as secretary of state in Charlottesville, Virginia, Wednesday.
Note recent tremor in north central Montana and its relative proximity to the Fort Peck Dam. The USGS tells us:
The first significant 20th century Montana earthquake occurred on June 27, 1925, when a magnitude 6 3/4 shock caused violent shaking over a 1,600 square kilometer area in southwestern Montana. The earthquake was felt over a 803,000 square kilometer area extending from the North Dakota line to Washington and from the Canadian border to central Wyoming.
Jehovah was a Republican. Gaia is a Democrat. Rewild the West.

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