Hickey, earth haters kill medical necessity defense

Update, 16:35 MST: Mercer: how they voted.

Hardly surprisingly, the chemical toilet's worst legislators have crushed a bill that would have allowed a medical necessity argument in cases where those in the law enforcement industries arrest chronic pain sufferers.

From the Sioux Falls Argus Leader's John Hult:
House bill 1227 would have provided for a medical necessity defense in marijuana cases. The House Health and Human Services committee voted 7-6 to defer the bill to the 41st legislative day, effectively defeating the measure.
These are the same people who believe the Second Amendment is more important than the First.

One opponent of the measure, Rep. Melissa Magstadt (earth hater-Watertown), is a nurse practitioner backed by Big Pharma. Rep. Hickey is in the pockets of christofascists.

No one believes that adolescents should have access to video loottery either yet they bet freely in gray markets all the time and engage in commerce just like adults do.

It was laughable to watch this red state legislature stop more laws seeking to control teen drinking while hiding its federal DUI failures and blowing its wad on cannabis interdiction.

Red staters are those who can deny civil liberties to those “able-bodied” adults and uphold religious rights as absolutes.

Stupid fuckers.

Veterans are often shamed at clinics for seeking relief from the stress of their service.

Reminder: HHS holds the patent for medical cannabis.


Duffer said...

Did'ja really think it would be otherwise Lad?

One would think ignorance should be bliss, not hate.

South Dakota is doomed to face rearward. Twas everthus.

larry kurtz said...

Living in Hell comes naturally for them, I guess. Good piece in AlterNet on today's cannabis US House action.

Courtney said...

at least we can tell how intelligent you are by the extensive vocabulary you have..

"Stupid fuckers"

Seriously? grow up. Theres a reason no one listens to people like you.

larry kurtz said...

262 hits so far today is hardly no one.

DEA Hank Schrader said...

you've taken 262 hits today?

Duffer said...

Well, let's see.

How can Larry make the description "stupid fuckers" more palatable or, might I say (delicate), for tight-asses?

Nope. Can't do it.

One good turn deserves another.

kw said...

Even I, a born and raised South Dakotan Understood what you meant by " stupid fuckers". Well said. kw