Ready for the State of Navajo?

Imagine a blogger's jaw hitting a keyboard.

Nathan Lefthand is an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation. He wrote this and more at Indian Country Today:
It is constitutional to create a new state out of an existing state(s), in this case, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico, with the approval of those state legislatures and of Congress. The process for carving out a new state is outlined in Article IV, Section 3 of the Constitution. One rider, one act of Congress, can change it all, and believe me, looking at a few of our borders; it’s getting crowded, “out there." We need to be the fifty-first state in the United States of America. The State of Navajo.
Yes, Mr. Lefthand: there is a Santa Clause.

Oh yeah, from yesterday's segment on World Radio Day, Talk of the Nation host Neal Conan read aloud some listeners' most vivid memories:
Larry Kurtz(ph) tweets: Scott Simon announcing the Columbia disaster.


Kal Lis said...


It would be interesting to see this one play out.

Creating a new state seems like an experiment worth trying. it goes beyond the weird secession hype

Something tells me that no state legislature is going to give up territory however.

larry kurtz said...

LK, my read: if President Obama supports it red states will resist and blue states will support. The Navajo Nation is already recognized as a state by the feds anyway as are most tribes in other states.

It's the nations trapped within Wyoming, Montana, North and South Dakota that need to be free of those states' control.