BLM horses in South Dakota sold to kill buyer

In evidence obtained through South Dakota Brand Board Inspection records and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests:
Jim Reeves and Lyle Anderson own Spur Livestock, and have a contract with the Bureau of Land Management for a long term holding pasture for wild horses on private lands within the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation in South Dakota, as well as on Indian Trust Lands administered by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. This facility is the Whitehorse Wild Horse Long Term Holding Facility. Wild Horse Freedom Federation received records from the South Dakota Brand Board that reveal on 11/8/2008, while under contract with the BLM, “owner” Spur Livestock sold 34 horses with “BLM tattoos” to JS Farms, owned by kill buyer Joe Simon.--Debbie Coffey, PPJ Gazette.
Two North Dakota counties have asked a judge to rule on horses seized from William Kiefer writes Jenny Michael in the Bismarck Tribune:
Officials in Morton County seized 119 horses after finding 96 dead on Kiefer’s property north of New Salem in late January, and Burleigh County officials seized 38 horses after finding three dead on property in that county. Sheriff Dave Shipman said numerous dead horses were found in a pile and appeared to have been dragged out of view of the road. Others were piled up in barns and a stock trailer. Kirchmeier said he found an aborted fetus that appeared to have been near term. The pasture was bare, he said.
Bringing the problem of unwanted livestock and the means for the humane slaughter of these animals need to happen while legislatures are still in session.

Update, 13 February, 15:32 MST:
William Kiefer has been charged with four counts of Class A misdemeanor overworking, mistreating or abandoning animals, Burleigh County Assistant State’s Attorney Jeff Ubben said.--Jenny Michael, Bismarck Tribune.

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