What we didn't hear from the President

that wolves and cougars will enjoy permanent protected status,

the dissolution of the illegal state of Israel,

indictments for Mike Rounds and Dennis Daugaard for crimes against American Indians,

rescinding the medals of honor for US Cavalry involved in massacre at Wounded Knee,

the pardon of Leonard Peltier,

Cardinals Timothy Dolan and Charles Chaput indicted for child rape,

The Hague will try Catholic Church for crimes against humanity,

indictment of Bibi Netanyahu for crimes against humanity,

the de-certification and dismantling of the Missouri River dams and the rewilding of the basin,

the death of KXL,

the indictment of Marty Jackley for obstruction of justice,

the indictment of Jason Gant for collusion,

the indictments of George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney for crimes against humanity,

the legalization of cannabis,

Mexico dissolved her constitution, accepted as 52nd State contingent on whether reservations become counties in 51st State,

a wildlife corridor created by executive authority will stretch from the Canadian River in New Mexico to the Yukon,

that SDGOP will be indicted for fraud,

that the Black Hills National Forest will become part of that wildlife corridor under BIA management,

Bill Janklow indicted posthumously for the rape of Jacinta Eagle Deer,

Kristi Noem's affair with Jim Meidinger exposed,

Ted Nugent publicly expelled by Sergeant at Arms of the Senate,

Monsanto indicted for crimes against humanity,

Joe Arpaio indicted for crimes against humanity,

the GOP is a puddle of lukewarm spittle:

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