Bullock throws activist Williams under bus while gun shops languish

Update, 2 February, 10:23 MST: Bullock has new twitter account after being shamed by ip.

Update, 12:45 MST: Chris Williams gets five years in federal prison but only for gun charge. Gwen Florio tells readers of the Missoulian:
In addition to the five years on the charge of possession of a firearm during a drug-trafficking offense, Christensen sentenced Williams to the 130 days he’s already served, on the charge of possession with intent to distribute marijuana. He also sentenced Williams to four years’ supervised probation on the drug charge, and five years on the gun charge, to run concurrently, and levied the standard $100 federal fee on each charge.
Cannabis rights activist Williams was tried in Missoula for offenses committed under federal law but to most Montanans his actions were legal within the state's constitution.

Former Attorney General Steve Bullock, now governor, chose not to defend a 2004 initiated medical cannabis law against federal authorities that raided caregivers. Fascinating that prisons and law enforcement industries gave the Bullock campaign hundreds of thousands.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, etc. ad nauseum has done little to shut down gun shops that have been in violation of federal law while then-Attorney General Steve Bullock turned his head. From an outstanding piece by Fred Schulte in Public Integrity:
Christopher A. Conte, the NRA’s legislative counsel, in a May 3, 2012, letter to ATF said that the current system for revoking the licenses of dealers is “directly contrary to what Congress intended for these hearings.”
These fuckers colluded with gun manufacturers and lawyers and still obfuscate the benefits of the cottage cannabis industry that was being pioneered in Montana.

Disgraced US Judge Richard Cebull was outed as a racist woman-hater after he forwarded an offensive email about President Obama and his parentage. How Attorney General Steve Bullock was not on that distribution list remains a mystery.

Call Governor Bullock's office and tell him to pull his head out of his ass. His twitter handles have said nothing since December.

Here is a cannabis news roundup for the first day of February.

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