Vatican a crime scene; South Dakota bishops, congregations engaged in cover-up

As Secretary of State John Kerry lands in Rome, coalition forces should be liberating the Vatican and rounding up unlawful combatants right about now. NPR is reporting that the Church of the Holy Roman Kiddie Diddlers is near collapse.

Catholic congregations and South Dakota's legislature have engaged in obstruction of justice for decades.

One of their American brethren, Roger Mahony of California, accused of covering up decades of child rape and abuse will be bringing money attending the erection election of another old man as Vicar of the Church.

Mahony is a frequent witness in court according a piece in the LA Times:
Meanwhile, a Catholic organization Saturday delivered a petition with thousands of signatures asking that Mahony recuse himself from the conclave in Rome. The group, Catholics United, collected nearly 10,000 signatures making "a simple request" that the former archbishop of Los Angeles not participate in the process because of the priest abuse scandals that happened under his watch, said Chris Pumpelly, communications director for Catholics United.
The International Criminal Court is preparing a case against the fuckers.

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